Less Clutter and More Chatter – Save Your Social Energy

How many meaningful relationships can you maintain? How many emails can you actually read in a day? How many social networks are you on? How many should you really be on? Are we spending too much time social networking? If so, we need to start saving our social energy.


According to Wikipedia, energy is “a quantity that is often understood as the ability to perform work. This quantity can be assigned to any particle, object, or system of objects as a consequence of its physical state.” Energy usually refers to physical or emotional energy; however social energy is just as crucial. It’s the extent to which people can enjoy being social – both in real terms and online.

The term social energy was termed by Scott Young, who described it as: “spending time in a stimulating environment with other people.” Saving social energy is about being smart and efficient online. It’s about optimizing the time that would’ve otherwise been spent on sieving through irrelevant content. It’s about balancing work, social networking and other lifestyle requirements.

We only have 24 hours a day and by saving our social energy and being more efficient, we’re able to do more both online and offline. The Facebook fan page is set up with the intention to engage you in active discussions on topics related to Saving Social Energy. Join in the discussions and make a stand today to Save Social Energy.

Do visit the official site SaveSocialEnergy.com for updates and join the discussion here on  Facebook.

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Abhishek Baxi writes on the Windows ecosystem and hosts an online show - Microsoft Talk (MSTalk.in) and owns the Windows Phone portal - I Love Windows Phone (ilovewindowsphone.in). He lives at www.baxiabhishek.info and talks incessantly on Twitter.

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  1. This sounds like a great idea. But, the fact the fb is asking you to link to it makes me very suspicious. fb is probably THE major time suck of most people’s social life. How about, Call a friend or Go to a party and leave your phone in the car? Those sound like great ways to maintain my social life to me!

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