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LeeLu Monitors AIO: Monitor System, Folders, Files, Registry, Memory, etc

When different system monitoring tools can co-exist together in a cordial atmosphere, they can improve the performance of a computer manifold and give the user valuable insights about any upcoming issues related to system performance. LeeLu Monitors AIO claims to one such system monitoring tool.

System Monitoring Tool

LeeLu Monitors AIO is a collection of different LeeLu Soft monitoring tools developed over the years. The monitoring tools included may help you track folders, memory, and registry files on your system. Thereby, giving you a clear understanding of the events going behind the scenes.

Monitor System, Folders, Files, Registry, Memory, etc

The installation package contains the following utilities – Watch 4 Folder, NOF Monitor, Watch 4 Idle, Reg Live Watch, Clipboard Rules and Memory Dash. We will study the functions of each utility in detail. On a side note, LeeLu Monitors is not a software or hardware status monitoring application. It’s rather a program that simply permits you to check folders and issues warning when faulty activities exceed a number of times.

Watch 4 Folder

The powerful application monitors a folder and warns you of any detected activity noticed. How it works? Simply select the folder to watch and specify the events to be tracked, with available options such as

Just configure any of the actions to be triggered on events and the utility will initiate the monitoring process. During the process, it will minimize itself to Tray to keep you up to date with any changes in the target folder.


The ingenious application monitors the target folder for changes in the files count (file created and file deleted). NOF monitor is capable of triggering different actions upon reaching a certain threshold.

At first, you need to select a target folder to be monitored. when selected the app will display the current files count inside this folder.

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Next, you need to specify the condition and threshold count. Thereafter, you need to set the actions to trigger when threshold is exceeded.

Lastly, you need to start the monitor and minimize NOFMonitor to the system tray.

Watch 4 Idle

Enables users to monitor their computer and execute different actions if it gets into idle or when it resumes from the idle state. Set the target idle time (in seconds) or the program so when that when it finds the system idle, it can execute different actions.

Reg Live Watch

It allows you to keep an eye on system registry all the time and detects and alerts you when any changes in the registry values are noticed. At any given time you can specify how the application should alert you when it detects a change by doing nothing, a pop up message or execute a program.

Clipboard Rules

Clipboard Rules monitors your clipboard at regular intervals and performs specified actions based on the pre-defined rules for text string passed to the clipboard.


The simple applet displays a graphical presentation of the various memory aspects.

All the above applications are listed as the 6 icons of the LeeLu Monitors’ main interface.

LeeLu Monitors AIO free download

To download LeeLu Monitor, visit here.

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