Learn Excel 2013 faster with Excel Video Tutorials App

Let’s say you are organizing your data in the new Excel 2013 and get stuck with a tricky function or feature. Normally you would waste your time searching on Google for an apt answer which could satisfy your Excel query, but what if you get an in-built app which would help you out there and then and get you going without wasting your valuable time? Yes you heard it right; the newly launched Excel video tutorials app enables you to access how-to videos, within your Excel Sheet Ribbon.

Learn Excel 2013

This app consists of the Excel 2013 video training courses, which are readily available to be accessed online, but this app brings convenience to your worksheet, where you can find the related videos for your problem, watch and learn simultaneously. The app covers a plethora of Excel-related topics, right from the very beginning of creating a new worksheet and moving on to harder topics like learning how to work with Pivot Tables. These tutorials are not limited as they keep getting updated, and fresh content keeps on adding to them.

Installing the Excel Video Tutorials App:

  • Visit the Office Store, login with your Microsoft Account and Add the Excel Video Tutorials App.
  • Launch Microsoft Excel on your computer and then click on Insert >> Apps for Office

Learn Excel 2013

  • Microsoft Office will give you options to choose from the list of apps, select the Excel Video Tutorials App and click on Insert.


  • After this you will be able to see the desired app in your Excel 2013 worksheet.


The Excel video tutorials app is fully equipped with videos, specific to all Excel tasks. You can easily search for videos related to your task, through the app search box and get instant solutions. The videos range from a duration of 2-5 minutes and offer clear-cut instructions. If you want to learn Excel in detail, you can browse through the list of all Excel Tutorials, which will help you get a better and detailed insight on each and every Excel feature and function, hence giving you an in-depth knowledge of Excel 2013.


App Tip:

To make this app really useful, you can move it anywhere on your Excel Worksheet, in order to watch the video, follow the instructions and apply them there and then. Doesn’t that make the entire learning experience worthwhile? In order to make the app move, simply take your mouse cursor towards its edge, and you will see a four-headed arrow, now move and place the app anywhere you want to.


So, use this convenient Excel Video Tutorials App and let us know your feedback.

UPDATE: It appears that the app has been taken offline. The app provider has removed it from the Office Store. You may please check back later to see if a new version is available.

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