Is the Leap Second 2015 a danger like Y2K?


  1. Unless I’m missing something, seems any pc/device that’s off or at least offline at the precise moment of leap second would be least affected, whereas any, if any, potential for leap second mischief would affect devices online (particularly servers that need 24/7/365 uptime…ATMs, hospitals, emergency services, for example). Thanks, your reminder is appreciated…cheers!

  2. There are no legal comparison with the y2k problem.

    Y2k was about starting all over, this is only a matter of one second delay.

    Y2k could stop badly computers/figuration (serious)
    Y2K could make servers go down and wait for a fix (serious)
    Y2K could cost millions if not billions or more for the monetary system (Serious)
    Y2K could be a risk for hospitals and others like (Serious)
    But the lap second can be dealt with, just by holding banking back for, yes a second or two. And just for safety the same for hospitals, maybe for a 1-3 days

    This is of course just a wild guess, but never the less a qualified one 🙂

    I was working with the Y2K problem in 1998-jan 2000

  3. Leap second could make servers go down and wait for a fix also, it happened before, and will happen again if no actions are taken to prevent it

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