Layerscape from Microsoft Research: Manipulate,Visualize and Explore Space

Microsoft and Research cannot be separated and we have seen many examples of that earlier on Windows Club. One of them was WorldWide Telescope (WWT) from Microsoft Research. Just to recollect Worldwide Telescope offers a virtual telescope on your PC, through which you can view the images from space. You can zoom into planets and move around using mouse actions.

Adding one more to the interesting and inspiring projects of Microsoft Research, I would like to discuss “Layerscape” which is a part of WWT.


Layerscape is yet another data visualization tool from Microsoft research that aims to extend the features of WorldWide Telescope. It enables you to explore interesting and complex data on a scale from meters to megaParsec. It has a huge collection of tours that gives you cinematographic view of space. It guides you through evolution of Geological surfaces, Climate patterns and about Oceans in clear and simple way.

 Layerscape Features:

  1. Large collection of information about nearly any astronomical body.
  2. Provides 3-D view of the space and with the best quality.
  3.  Allows you to create your own community, based, for example, on your organization or area of research.
  4. Explore Time playback

When it comes to space exploration Layerscape can be very effective to educators, researchers and students by visualizing complex data sets.

Layerscape contains a large repository of data about space, landscape, oceans and planets. It allows you to create some models about your understanding of space and then visualize it as a movie. It helps understanding the concepts and theories of space using its 3D cinematographic pictures. Layerscape in many sense makes scientific studies really easy to understand.

The large collection of data in different time intervals on Layerscape can be compared with each other to understand the change in landscapes over time.

Check the video, It showcases Layerscape and every thing it has to offer

Download Layerscape and the complete documentation from

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