Lavasoft Web Companion: Free web protection software for Browsers

The web is the most common vector used by attackers to deliver numerous malware and thus it becomes very important to shield your computer from various Internet threats. Lavasoft Web Companion is designed to bring an extra layer of protection to your system by its advanced web protection. It offers free Phishing protection and blocks browser hijacking attempts.

Lavasoft Web Companion

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Powered by Lavasoft’s Malware URL Blocker, Web Companion is a real friend to your computer system. It works on real time filtering technology and detects the malicious URLs right without visiting them and block them before they can harm your PC. It provides security outside the browser, much like the security tool-bars do.

There is no need of downloading and installing the annoying and heavy toolbars any-more, Web Companion provides the powerful protection against the web based threats and malicious URLs. It is a free program and easily customizable. You can customize your home page settings as well as the search engines.

It is a very lightweight application which lands on system tray easily and warns you about each malicious websites before you visit them. You can avoid those web based threats just by clicking on ‘Back To Safety” button and if you want to proceed at your own risk or are sure about the safety of any particular website, you can click on ‘Continue To Site”.

Web Companion comes as a small 5mb file and downloads instantly. While installing , the program will ask you to select your home page and default search engine. You can change the settings any time and turn off the web protection right from the Web Companion icon in your system tray.

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The best part about Web Companion is that it is compatible with any antivirus program and can therefore enhance the protection of your Windows, along with your existing antivirus program. It.

In short, Web Companion  works well with all versions of Windows, including Windows 8.1, to keep your browsers clean and safe from threats. Download it here and let us know if you like it. Works with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Ziggy

    Hi Anand. Always take great interest in your articles and the excellent advice provided. On my pc I use multiple profiles with Firefox. If I install this software and set the homepage for Firefox to bing, for example, will it effect all other profile users?

  2. I may be wrong, but I think it will. If you do try it out, feedback would be appreciated. 🙂

  3. BillyJoeBobBob

    Something called “Web Companion” has invaded my Computer with OUT my consent. This should be punishable as a crime. Same as breaking and entering. How do you make this invader go away?

  4. See if you can uninstall it via the Control panel, else try one of these tools:

  5. Basingdiesel

    Web Companion? Steer well away. It infected my computer when I updated
    Ad-Aware. Blasted thing simply takes over and gets in the way of
    everything. I have deleted it.

  6. Gib74

    How is Ad-Aware? Isn’t that a Trojan program as well? = [

  7. Basingdiesel

    It used to be OK but after this sneakware episode I’ve not reinstalled it. There are other effective and free programs such as CCleaner – used regularly and is the first tool out of the box if there is a problem such as the computer slowing down. Also System Mechanic and Advanced System Care 8 – but keep that one under control as it offers many additional features which, it tells you, you simply cannot do without!
    Shortcuts to all this stuff are parked on the desktop in a file marked Help Programs.

    Have you tried Mailwasher? Again, its free and presents a list of your Inbox. You can Preview then mark items as Friend/ Spam/ Blacklist, or Bounce (I like that one, hopefully it would inconvenience the spam senders).

  8. John

    At first I thought it was a virus because I couldn’t change my homepage, but I found out that Web Companion installed behind my back! Should I trust it?

  9. Laura Monteros

    I don’t even remember installing this on my desktop, and it takes more memory than any app other than Dropbox. It’s got to be slowing my computer down tremendously. It isn’t on my laptop and I haveWh no problem with viruses. Why shouldn’t I remove it?

  10. bobthetomatopaste

    ccleaner is not an anti-malware. it is a great cleaner though .. the best. ASC has been caught hacking programs illegally. i would not trust them. system mech has a good rep, but is more of a utility then an antimalware.

  11. Legion

    Acts like the very thing it’s trying to prevent – installs without explicit consent, huge CPU drain, and changes the default search engine. I’m surprised windowsclub gives it publicity, as though it’s beneficial. Maybe Lavasoft pay the administrator of windowsclub…

  12. No they did not pay us. We are here to inform people about the available options. If you dont like it there are more here:

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