Lavasoft Web Companion: Free web protection software for Browsers


  1. Hi Anand. Always take great interest in your articles and the excellent advice provided. On my pc I use multiple profiles with Firefox. If I install this software and set the homepage for Firefox to bing, for example, will it effect all other profile users?

  2. Something called “Web Companion” has invaded my Computer with OUT my consent. This should be punishable as a crime. Same as breaking and entering. How do you make this invader go away?

  3. Web Companion? Steer well away. It infected my computer when I updated
    Ad-Aware. Blasted thing simply takes over and gets in the way of
    everything. I have deleted it.

  4. It used to be OK but after this sneakware episode I’ve not reinstalled it. There are other effective and free programs such as CCleaner – used regularly and is the first tool out of the box if there is a problem such as the computer slowing down. Also System Mechanic and Advanced System Care 8 – but keep that one under control as it offers many additional features which, it tells you, you simply cannot do without!
    Shortcuts to all this stuff are parked on the desktop in a file marked Help Programs.

    Have you tried Mailwasher? Again, its free and presents a list of your Inbox. You can Preview then mark items as Friend/ Spam/ Blacklist, or Bounce (I like that one, hopefully it would inconvenience the spam senders).

  5. At first I thought it was a virus because I couldn’t change my homepage, but I found out that Web Companion installed behind my back! Should I trust it?

  6. I don’t even remember installing this on my desktop, and it takes more memory than any app other than Dropbox. It’s got to be slowing my computer down tremendously. It isn’t on my laptop and I haveWh no problem with viruses. Why shouldn’t I remove it?

  7. ccleaner is not an anti-malware. it is a great cleaner though .. the best. ASC has been caught hacking programs illegally. i would not trust them. system mech has a good rep, but is more of a utility then an antimalware.

  8. Acts like the very thing it’s trying to prevent – installs without explicit consent, huge CPU drain, and changes the default search engine. I’m surprised windowsclub gives it publicity, as though it’s beneficial. Maybe Lavasoft pay the administrator of windowsclub…

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