Use Launchy to easily find and start programs in Windows

You always create shortcut icons to your favorite programs on the desktop. But there are many other files, folders and documents available in your system which you want to search in just one go. If you need to do this quickly and easily, use an open-source free tool called Launchy.

Launchy for Windows

easily find and start programs in Windowseasily find and start programs in Windows

Launchy will let you easily find and start programs in Windows. It also helps you to launch your bookmarks and websites perform and other similar tasks.

easily find and start programs in Windows

Launchy aims to make your life much easier by allowing you to search any file on your computer in a small dialogue box. Once Launchy is installed, to get it upfront you can press ALT + SPACE  key. As you get the Launchy dialogue box in front of you, type in the file or program you want to open, hit Enter and the application is launched.  Otherwise, type few letters and wait for a moment and you will get a dropdown down menu for more suggestions. Launchy will only display the suggestions from your Start Menu in Dropdown.

Launchy has some great built in features

Launchy has some great features which will help you to easily find and start the program. Few of them are listed below.

  1. Start Launchy using ALT + SPACE key.
  2. Easily find and starts program in just a few hit on a keyboard
  3. Launchy open documents, files, folders, program and bookmarks
  4. It helps you to search through all websites
  5. You can also view the latest applications launched with Launchy

Working with Launchy Interface

Click on the ‘Launchy option’ icon available on the top right corner of the dialogue box.  A window will open with five tabs: General, Skins, Catalog, Plugins and About Launchy.


  1. General – It contains options like ‘Always display Launchy windows’ which will keep it always upfront.

It also has various Visual effects such as: to the adjustment of opaqueness, fade in time and fade out time. General tab also has options in Suggestion List and System Options which you can explore.

  1. Skins tab – It allows you to choose skins according to your choice.                                                                                      easily find and start programs in Windows
  2. Catalog – Launchy indexes the start menu programs or files by default. If you want to launch more folders then you can use this tab and add more files to the index.                                                                                                             easily find and start programs in windows
  3. Plugins option – Plugins which are already available in Launchy can be activated. Plugins indexes the bookmarks and open them quickly.
  4. About Launchy – You can visit their website and read much more about Launchy from this tab.

Launchy is a powerful and  very simple tool to use. To easily find and start programs in windows you should download Launchy. It is a 4.3 MB freeware and also available for MAC users.

Click here to download Launchy. It is a freeware and supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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