Best Computer and Laptop cleaning kits available on Amazon

When buying a laptop, one factor to consider is its durability. While the durability of a laptop matters a lot on the brand, it depends more on the maintenance. It is advised to clean your desktop computer or laptop from time to time, especially the screen and the vent for the fan. Accumulated dust inside the cabinet affects the chipset.

Best laptop cleaning kits available on Amazon

Choosing the right cleaning kit could be difficult. Hence we compiled this list to help you with the same:

1] Screen Mom’s screen Cleaner Kit: Screen Mom’s screen Cleaner Kit

One of the most sold laptop cleaning kit on Amazon, Screen Mom’s screen cleaner kit is expensive but worth it. However, the company claims that you could spray 80 times for every $1 spent on the product. The liquid is free of ammonia, alcohol, and phosphates, which makes it safe for screens. It could be used on almost any kind of screen surface and includes an extra-large micro-fiber cloth to help with the same. You could buy the kit from Amazon here.

2] AmazonBasics Screen Cleaning Kit: AmazonBasics Screen Cleaning Kit

While Amazon is the most reputed online seller, it is an equally good manufacturer. AmazonBasics products are trusted by consumers, and thus I included the AmazonBasics Screen Cleaning Kit in this list. While it doesn’t have a liquid in the package, it includes an empty refillable plastic spray bottle, a lens brush, air blower, and cleaning pen. Other than these, the package comes with 50 lens cleaning disposable tissues. This kit is super-cheap, though you might have to buy the cleaning liquid separately. Grab this product from Amazon.

3] Luis and Teresas Screen Cleaning Kit: Luis and Teresas Screen Cleaning Kit

The bad part about cleaning liquids is that they leave a residue after drying off. The reason is that their manufacturing companies use harmful liquids in the solution. This is where Luis and Teresas Screen Cleaning Kit comes to use. This solution can clean the most stubborn of strains without leaving any mark on the glass. The package includes an ultra-thin cleaning cloth and another thicker one. It also includes a cleaning liquid bottle and brush. If you like the product, it is available at Amazon here.

4] S-Union Keyboard Screen Cleaning Kit:

S-Union Keyboard Screen Cleaning Kit

The S-Union Keyboard Screen Cleaning Kit is specifically useful for touch-sensitive screens, for which other solutions might not be as safe. This US manufactured product comes with a cleaning liquid, two microfiber cloth pieces, a brush, and an air duster. The company claims that the components are tried and tested and they are so sure of the quality that they are willingly giving a 9-month replacement warranty. You can buy this the S-Union Keyboard Screen Cleaning Kit from Amazon here.

5] AmScope CK-II 3 Screen Cleaning Kit: AmScope CK-II 3 Screen Cleaning Kit

This cleaning kit comes with a brush for cleaning the keyboard and other parts of a laptop. The liquid and wiper are to be used for cleaning screens. This product is basically to be used for cleaning finger marks, dust, etc. It could be availed from Amazon.

6] Opula Screen Cleaning Kit:

Opula Screen Cleaning Kit

The Opula Screen Cleaning Kit package comes with a brush, cleaning lotion, and two wipe pads. While the product doesn’t have many reviews on Amazon, it’s a trusted brand on local websites. Like most other cleaning kits, this one is anti-bacterial and anti-static. You could check more information about the product on Amazon.

7] Tech Armor Pro Cleaning Kit: Tech Armor Pro Cleaning Kit

The Tech Armor Pro Cleaning Kit comes with a cleaning gel instead of a lotion and a couple of wipes. The kit is apt for professionals. Though a little expensive, the formula is safe and efficient. They don’t use ammonia or alcohol, and the gel usually evaporates by itself after a while of use. If you like it, you could buy it from Amazon here.

8] GreatShield LCD Touch Screen Cleaning Kit: GreatShield LCD Touch Screen Cleaning Kit

The ratings apart, this is my favorite product in this list. It comes with lotion, dual-sided wiper cum brush, and a wiping cloth. It counts among those few kits which can clean touch-sensitive surfaces as well. The company claims that the product won’t leave any static or streaks, and this claim is doubled by the positive reviews on Amazon. If you want to buy the  GreatShield LCD Touch Screen Cleaning Kit, you could check it on Amazon here.

9] Pride Express Screen Cleaning Kit: Pride Express Screen Cleaning Kit

The Pride Express Screen Cleaning Kit has a spraying bottle, solution, anti-static brush, and wipes. The cost is reasonable considering what all it has to provide. The kit is safe in the proximity of kids and pets since it lacks any harmful chemicals. The spray bottle can be reused, and the company claims the solution and plastic is environment-friendly. You could check more about the product in Amazon here.

10] AmScope CK-I Professional Cleaning Kit:

AmScope CK-I Professional Cleaning Kit

Another product on this list from AmScope, the CK-I Professional Cleaning Kit is a good option for professionals. This kit comes with a solution, wiper, and brush. It could be used to clean both the screen and the keyboard. Other than screens, the product could be used for cleaning optical lenses too. You could buy the kit from Amazon here.

We believe this list covered all worthy options from Amazon. Should you wish to add anything, let us know in the comments.

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