LangOver lets you change languages easily in a multi-language Windows environment

If you have installed and enabled more than one language on your Windows computer, then LangOver is one freeware application you may want to have on your Windows PC. This app is especially useful for those whose work involves typing documents in alternate languages all through the day.


Change Keyboard language instantly

Let’s say you start typing in one language and then realize that you actually wanted it typed in another. In such a case LangOver will let you make the switch easily. Mind you, LangOver isn’t translation software; it merely performs the language sitch!

Assuming you do have a multilingual working environment and you type some text in Notepad and forget using Alt+Shift, You might notice some gibberish letters getting typed. To fix your text back to English select the entire sentence and hit the shortcut key “F10”. The whole sentence is converted back to English.

LangOver can also be used to convert lowercase characters to uppercase and vice versa. Select the text that you wish to convert and click “Shift + F10”. If your text contains mixed cases, then LangOver judges the case of the first character and converts the whole sentence according to it.

LangOver free download

You can download LangOver from its Home Page.

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