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Top 3 free LAN Messengers for your Windows PC

If you are at your workplace or at your office and want a free communication source in your office, so that you can stay in contact with all your employes and can have a conference within your office – or maybe have some instant small chats with your employes without any internet connection, then you should read-on to know about top 3 LAN (Local Area Network) messengers which will enable you to do so.

LAN Messengers are the applications or utilities that enable you to chat within a local area network without any Internet Connection – but a wired LAN is must. There may be many freeware LAN Messengers available for Windows 10/8/7, but these 3 are among the best one’s in my opinion.

LAN Messengers Free Download for Windows

1. Tonic: Tonic helps you to carry out your simple chats within your office via LAN network. It is very useful program with a user-friendly interface that is easy to understood by all.

The program operates in peer-to-peer mode, and hence does not need any server. That’s why also it is very easy to operate. Here is the feature list that will give you an idea of features of the program:

Tonic is a complete LAN messenger and it is full of those ultimate features that you always required in your office or workplace at LAN.

PS: Tonic is no longer under active development and has been Archived. Please also read the comment below.

2. LAN Messenger is another free & open source cross-platform instant messaging application for communication over a local network. It does not require a server.

Some of its features include:

It is available here for download.

3. Squiggle: Squiggle is a free and open source application meant for LAN chatting. Squiggle also operates in peer-to-peer mode, and hence does not need any server. The application is rather good-looking, and offers the following features:

Get it here.

So this was all in the list of top 3 LAN Messengers for your Windows PC. If you wish to recommend other free LAN Messengers, please do so in the comments section.

NOTE: One software in this list has gone paid. As a result, we have replaced it with LAN Messenger, as this one is free.

You suggestions and feedback are always most welcome!