Kinect: An open door with limitless possibilities!

With Kinect being available for the past two months there has been countless talks about the new device from Microsoft. What makes the unit so special to users like me isn’t the Xbox related functions but the daily discovered uses with the device in the PC world. 

In 2002, people were introduced to Minority Report and a new way for users to interact with PC. With hand gestures to navigate, cameras to recognize people, billboards that displayed ads based on who you are, the door was wide open for limitless possibilities.

The one thing that has been lacking that Kinect has given us is a technology that requires no physical touch interaction, just a few gestures to navigate your PC. While the technology is still taking baby steps, it is apparent that thanks to the Kinect, we may be headed into the vision set by Minority Report much sooner than later.

It is apparent that Microsoft has discovered a cash cow with the Kinect and plan to further the development of the unit. The company has posted several job openings for the Kinect within the Entertainment & Devices Division within the past month.

Microsoft is planning on improving the accuracy of the unit. Microsoft will update the unit to allow both detection of finger movement and hand rotation. While users have already themselves been working on creating finger movement this would greatly improve the functionality.

According to Microsoft  the update will greatly improve the performance of the system:

Current limitations mean that the device has a resolution limit of 320×240, but the rumored update would increase this to 640×480. Similarly, the update could also increase the amount of data that the sensor can transfer, going from 15-16MB per second to 35MB per second. With these improvements, Kinect could potentially be much more precise, and able to recognize things like the rotation of the user’s hand or even individual fingers.

Kinect from Microsoft is a controller-free gaming and entertainment experience for the Xbox 360 video game platform and you can learn more about it here.

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