Change, Reset, Disable any Keyboard Shortcut in Firefox with Keybinder Firefox Add-on

Mozilla Firefox is a popular, reliable browser when it comes to browsing but poor in handling keyboard shortcuts. While there appears no shortage of keyboard shortcuts for popular commands, the options for controlling your browser experience are extremely limited.

Earlier, ‘Customizable Shortcuts’, a Firefox add-on allowed users to change commands for almost every feature. But the extension was discontinued after a brief period. Fortunately, there’s another add-on called Keybinder to get around this problem in Firefox.

Firefox Keybinder Add-on

Firefox add-on Keybinder is a simple solution to allow users to customize various shortcuts or disable the ones they don’t like, completely.

To use the add-on, simply add the add-on to Firefox. When done, just use the Alt key to bring up the main configuration menu, navigate to ‘Tools’ and select ‘Keybinder’.

Under the main windows, you’ll find a list of all mapped keyboard shortcuts. Here, you can choose the built-in search to find a shortcut quickly. Please note that if a shortcut you intend to use makes use of Ctrl key, you will have to type ‘Control’ in full instead of using the abbreviated form, Ctrl.

Firefox Keybinder Add-on

The options to edit, change, disable, remove or reset the selected shortcut can be found. All keys are enabled by default. Toggle the state to simply disable or enable a key. When you disable a shortcut, it will be listed in red with a strikethrough to make identification simple.

Firefox Keybinder Add-on

Apart from this, Keybinder ships with a number of additional features that you may find useful.

The add-on has options for:

  1. A) Disabling the focus stealing entirely.
  2. B) Defining a specific set of domains to which it applies.
  3. C) Defining how much time goes between clicking and focus stealing (in milliseconds)
  4. D) Temporarily allow a plugin to keep focus by clicking it with accel (Ctrl on Windows/Linux, Cmd on Mac) held down.

If Firefox crashes at any point, all key bindings automatically reset to default. Occasionally, updating Firefox may also disable the add-on. In such a situation, you’ll have to enable or disable the add-on again. Similarly, Keybinder may refuse to work in private windows.

Earlier, there was no toolbar for available the add-on. So, Keybinder dialog was not instantly available. You had to hit the “Alt” key to display the menu bar. This problem has been solved in the recent version of Keybinder.

If you think this could be useful, go here to get it.

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