Keep up with your current weather from your taskbar with Nimi Indicator Weather

There have been a few applications released to display your current weather in your Windows Taskbar, but I find this one very handy. It is compatible with earlier versions of Windows too, displays an animation in the thumbnail preview, wind, rain chance, and more …

Not only do you have the option to enter a URL for your weather location, you can also enter the RSS feed for your location, if it is available, and it will display. Another option I found is, if you have a weather location from Twitter Weather, some do work. I tested using and it displayed perfectly.  I did find that using RSS worked slightly better than the URL as it actually displayed more data, but according to your area the result may vary.

It is a portable application so you can bring it along with you wherever you go.

Download the application and double-click to run

Choose the location to extract the settings files. If you move the application you will be presented with a new option.

Hover your mouse over the taskbar application and Right-Click the Thumbnail Preview

Select change weather source and paste or enter your weather source URL or RSS and click OK

The weather information should update immediately

More information from the creator:

Weather conditions right on taskbar

  • Easy to use
    Just enter weather source web address and it will automatically try to process it and display supported information regardless of its format.
  • Adaptive
    It tries to adapt to system version differences – so for example it can display as special field instead of thumbnail preview.
  • Compact
    Application usage is based upon taskbar interaction – settings can be changed from window menu or right clicking in special field area.
  • Animated
    When showing as thumbnail preview – it animates making checking detailed weather conditions more enjoyable
  • Features list: List of features, video, etc.
    Installation support: “Install” only – program is portable, doesn’t require installation, its settings and data are stored in its current directory. Extraction directory can be chosen on first start.
    UAC compatibility: Application is signed and compatible with UAC specification.rights)
    Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Download: Nimi Indicator Weather.

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