KCleaner: Free junk file cleaner & remover for Windows PC

KCleaner is yet another free hard disk cleaner which runs quickly and lets you clean every byte, of useless data from your computer. It is available with a lot of customization options and automation features, making it, in my opinion, a junk cleaner to check out. When it comes to free junk file cleaners, we think of CCleaner and block out all suggestions. Sure CCleaner is good, but it is no harm in checking out which options exist and ultimately settling for the one which suits you the best.


KCleaner comes with three default options:

  • Analyze, clean and shutdown
  • Analyze, clean and close
  • Analyze, clean and reboot


If none of the options seems to suit you, you can manually run the scan and clean out the files if required. There is an automatic mode available in the free software, which lets you analyze the PC frequently. In the automatic mode program runs in background and cleans useless files from time to time.

To get the best security, you can also choose to permanently delete the files before deletion so that the files become completely unrecoverable and unusable. Some of the files that are cleaned by KCleaner are:

  • Recycle Bin
  • Apple Installer Cache
  • Sun/ Java installer Cache
  • Some other installer caches
  • Dr Waston Logs
  • Temporary files
  • Cookies
  • Web Browser Caches
  • Windows Log Files
  • DynDNS Logs
  • Windows Live Cache
  • Windows Defender history
  • And others.KCleaner_Options

The‘Expert Mode’ lets you view each and every detail of the files that are going to be cleaned after you hit the clean button. The Expert Mode gives you complete information and also gives you an idea about how much space has been covered by a single file.

This  junk file cleaner, records each and every action taken by it, in the form of log files. Logs are easily accessible and you can even delete the logs. In the settings, you can see a lot of languages available. In whichever region you are, you are definitely not going to face problems while using this software. The user interface is friendly and straight forward. No extra steps to take!

As compared to the popular CCleaner, this software does not include a Registry Cleaner, and some other tools. It focuses instead more, on cleaning every last junk byte from your computer. Create a system restore point, run you favorite cleaner and then use KCleaner and see if it lives up to its promise. The automation features is another plus point of the program.

Click here to download KCleaner. (Download Page link removed).


UPDATE: We do not recommend this freeware as it now offers to install a lot of 3rd-party software like Basic Serve, Delta Toolbar, Free TwitTube, YouTube Videos & Tweets, Install2YourFace, MixiDJ Toolbar, RelevantKnowledge and also suggests change of home page and default search. Sure you can opt-out during installation – but all this is just too much. We suggest you stick to one of these free junk file cleaners instead. Thanks Alan Wade – Admin.

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Lavish loves to follow up on the latest happenings in technology. He loves to try out new Windows-based software and gadgets and is currently learning JAVA. He loves to develop new software for Windows. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software is always recommended, he feels.


  1. Alan Wade

    You didnt mention that this junk file cleaner comes packed with a multitude of junk it wants to install on your computer!

  2. That’s OK. Let it install what it wants because you can use this tool to uninstall it all after it installs!

  3. Thanks Alan. Post has been updated and link removed.

  4. Dave Anders

    Have you tried filecleaner http://www.filecleaner.com It’s great for cleaning up your PC, and doesnt come loaded with a lot of other junk. Some of the installers have the ask toolbar, but you can opt out with no problem.

  5. brianadams

    Yeah one offer is OK, that much is so infuriating I would not use it for that reason alone. Put it out as a one month demo and sell it for one to three dollars. I go freeware almost completely, but a dollar yeah that’s very doable.

  6. Mario

    Check out this great #codecanyon item ‘Smart PC Cleaner’ http://codecanyon.net/item/smart-pc-cleaner/4806243

  7. tech_freak

    Just leave it. It’s junk itself. There are many cleaners out there but only a few are standalone (e.g. CCleaner). Most other cleaners come bundled with whole system tweak software. Few notable ones are Advanced System Optimizer and TuneUp Utilities. Get them if you really want a good cleaner.

  8. ivanden

    I am using this tool “DuplicateFilesDeleter”, It’s nice and now my system is bit faster than before.

  9. Joshua83

    I have tried tons of junk cleaning software available on net. Korjam cleaner has worked just great for me. I will recommend it to all my friends and family.

  10. Ret Ret

    So after reading all the hype at the end the poster recommends not using this program. My question why not take down this entire useless page off the internet to free up some space for Amazon?

  11. I am using windows 8 and after few months my PC started getting slow. Then I tried every possible way to speed up the system but nothing works. At last, I tried Ninja TuneUp utility to speed up the performance of the system.

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