Move, Copy, Sync files between cloud services and devices with Jumptuit

Jumptuit is a one stop place for most your cloud storage services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox etc. I always find it different to manage my cloud storages, since they are all located in different places and it’s not easy to sync them. Jumptuit will let you move, copy and sync files between cloud services and across devices.


Jumptuit basically help us to connect with multiple cloud storage services and manage them at one place. Among the cloud storage services and social websites supported are, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive Dropbox, Facebook, Box, Flickr, Photobucket, YouTube and Vimeo.

JumptuitYou have access to all your uploaded files of these different storage platforms at one place. Managing your accounts is therefore a breeze. This is just half of the story. Jumptuit also offers mobile application for popular platforms such as Windows Phone Store, Windows Store, Android, iOS and Mac App Store. This allows you to have access to all these files right from your mobile device – any device! You can upload the files, you need to a specific cloud storage of your choice, right from Jumptuit.

Now it’s not just documents we are talking about, you can access your photos, music, videos, etc. Jumptuit automatically converts the file formats when we need them to view for the compatibility. So you can easily browse through you pictures, listen to music etc. without having to login to multiple cloud storage. Jumptuit also offers the ability to search for files which I think is a pretty neat feature.

Move, Copy, Sync files between social sites and cloud services

The setting up part is really easy. First you need to create an account, just go to the sign-up screen. One thing I noticed is there is only 8 character limit for the password which I think is odd. Because today when almost all the security firm & analyst and recommending the users to have strong password with 10 to 15 characters for better security Jumptuit only allows you to create a password with 8 characters in length. Anyway, once it’s created you will be asked to connect to different accounts


Here you can select and connect to the account of your choice. Just make sure you read the list of permission you are granting to them, before accepting it, because it’s one of the common mistake, that we users do. In a hurry we tend to just click without reading what exactly they are accessing.


Now as far as I know for free account they only allow up to 4 services. After that you need to pay for the premium account which is 100$ a year. I find this expensive. Because Jumptuit doesn’t really copy files to their server, but just access the files from different storage – so I feel 100$ a year is a bit steep. There are other similar websites which offer services for free. Once you connect all your account the service will start syncing all the files, which will take a long time. After it’s completed, you will have access to all your files at one place.

To conclude Jumptuit is decent service with couple of drawbacks that I mentioned in the article earlier. There is no option to change your password or delete your account, the password limitation is too risky, I would say a two-step password verification would be ideal since almost all important documents, photos etc. are getting uploaded to our cloud drive. Jumptuit may have to offer more to its users in order to become really successful in the market.

Do let us know your thoughts about this service.

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  1. Ed

    Your right, $100 a year is a little steep for a service which does not list which services you CAN connect with their premium service, let alone their website is not even complete, there are a bunch of “coming soon” pages. MultCloud would be a better service to use if your looking for this sort of thing.

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  3. Giovy

    Yes, Multcloud is definitely better:

    Ever tried it?

  4. Laura Kelly

    it’s a nice one. Thanks for sharing. Very helpful to me.
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  5. Laura Kelly

    Keep sharing such useful information..!!!
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  6. Jax

    Also, You can try Cloudsfer – Another similar but great tool:

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