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We have been covering privacy related software in our quest for best privacy provider for Windows operating systems. After a lot of research, we can conclude that best privacy system for Windows is one that combines one or more software with users’ own censorship. Signing off with your real name, for example, will give away your identity even if you are using a proxy like SpotFlux.

There is no one single software that can help you stay anonymous on the Internet. You will need to use a combo of software. For example, use JonDonym or JonDoFox for Firefox with Spotflux. We already have a review of Spotflux on The Windows Club. This article focusses JonDoFox, a privacy extension for Firefox and other browsers built upon Firefox. There are some other extensions as well, such as DNT ME but they may add to obstructive browsing where you are already served with unwanted features on the Internet.

JonDoFox Privacy Extension For Firefox

I downloaded JonDoFox for Firefox and installed it to test and see what it actually does. It is obstructive only when you start Firefox for the first time. Upon initiating the browser, you get a screen that asks you to select a profile. If you already use multiple profiles, there is no problem for you. For people like me who use a single profile, it is a bit more of work: two more clicks to be precise.


When you install it, it creates a separate profile for private browsing and names it JonDoFox (See image above). Later, every time you open your copy of Firefox, you will get that screen asking you to select the profile and it keeps waiting until you select an option. You can stop Firefox doing this by disallowing the popup (there’s a checkbox option for that). In this case, the selected profile loads every time with Firefox, without any popups. You can later enable the Select Profile Firefox dialog box from Profile Manager to change the “default” profile. With Firefox closed, type “Firefox.exe -p” in the Run dialog box to view the Firefox Profile dialog box. If there is any other method to switch profiles, please do share.

Before we check out features of JonDoFox for Firefox, let’s see the two versions available for the “privacy enhancer” (that is what I will call it, as it alone cannot provide you with full privacy).

Versions Of JonDoFox For Firefox

There are two versions available. One is portable that you can carry on a USB flash drive and the other one is a plugin to your existing installation of Firefox.

If you do not have Firefox and/or wish to carry Firefox with default JonDoFox on removable drives that you can use with any computers, without having to bother about registering the browser with each computer you use, the portable version is for you. That means you just plug in the removable drive and start using Firefox with JonDoFox without having to install it on the computer.

I would recommend this portable version if you need better privacy and if you are highly mobile, working across computers.

Firefox JonDoFox Privacy Extension

The other version is simple plugin that creates a profile and adds it to your existing Firefox installation. I would recommend this if you carry your own computer around and have already installed Firefox.

JonDoFox review

In a sentence, JonDoFox stops your browser from sending or storing anything that may aid others in knowing what and where you have been on the Internet. There are two main points that I want to mention.

  1. Privacy on User Side: Works better compared to Incognito mode. While browsing in InCognito or InPrivate mode helps keep your actions a secret, it has its own shortcomings. The JonDoFox helps maintain the user side privacy by removing even the Flash cookies and Silverlight cookies that Incognito may fail to remove upon end of browsing session. I tested this by visiting YouTube, Dailymotion and Facebook with and without JonDoFox. Please inform if you find a different case. If you are willing to test, before starting Firefox, please remove existing Flash cookies on your computer.
  2. Privacy on Internet Side: Almost all websites want your data: the browser you are using, your computer model, your browsing history etc. For the purpose, almost all websites request an HTTP header when you visit them. JonDoFox jumbles up the header in a way that websites buy it as an actual header and let you visit them.

It won’t change or hide your IP address. For that, you can use any free proxy. If you ask me, I will recommend Spotflux or UltraSurf over free proxies as they cannot be identified as a proxy by most DNS servers.

In short, JonDoFox does provide you with privacy, but it is not sufficient on its own. You get an additional layer of privacy that is best for keeping your secrets from others who share the computer. For total privacy, you have to use some other tools as well.

JonDoFox download

You can download JonDoFox here.

PS: If you are thinking about what all information your browser gives away to websites, visit That will give you a better picture to aid you with your online privacy.

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  1. Ziggy

    To run seperate/independent profiles for Firefox I created shortcuts for each one using:

    “C:Program Files (x86)Mozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” -P “name of profile”
    -P name of profile -no-remote

    Hope this helps…

  2. Arun Kumar

    Thank you, Ziggy, for sharing this. That means, we have different icons for different profiles. Great. 🙂

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