iSpy: Convert your Windows PC into a surveillance system

Ever wanted to convert your Windows computer into a security and a surveillance system without much fuss and without spending much money? We have already seen a few free tools which you can use  to make your Windows Laptop act as a Security Camera. In this article, we will tell you about iSpy. iSpy turns your Windows PC into a full security and surveillance system, using your webcams and microphones.

iSpy is basically for those who secretly want to record the happenings around their computer and want to access them remotely. iSpy has been proved to be useful for home surveillance and security purposes.

iSpy Features

iSpy has a lot of features and they include:

  • Motion and sound detection
  • Alerting (SMS, MMS and Email)
  • Video and Sound Recording
  • Remote Access
  • Motion Tracking
  • Object Counting
  • Remote Control
  • Secured Connection
  • Execute any File
  • Password Protection
  • iphone and Android integration
  • Streaming live video
  • Recording and scheduling options
  • Built in LAN server
  • Control cameras with PTZ
  • Auto upload to YouTube
  • Pair microphones and Cameras together for audio in movies
  • Desktop Recording and broadcasting
  • Mask Images

iSpy Interface

The web interface of iSpy is really very easy to operate and monitor.  The most interesting feature is the Anywhere Remote Access feature. 

The live streaming is also nice; but buffering depends on your internet connection’s speed.

iSpy may find many uses and you may find it especially useful if you want to keep a watch and record the content remotely in the following situations:

  • Home Security
  • Office Surveillance
  • Work Monitoring
  • Automation
  • Nanny Cams
  • Pet Monitoring
  • Staff Monitoring
  • Machinery Monitoring
  • Baby Monitoring

iSpy is password-protected and runs in system tray and you can unlock it only with the password, and the recorded content or live stream can be accessed via its website. While reviewing this application, I made some tests on iSpy. You will not be able to exit the application, from the system tray, nor kill it from the Task Manager. It auto-starts again and can be closed only after entering your password.

Check out this video to get to know more about the program:

iSpy Download

Hope you liked reading about iSpy. If you would like download this freeware you can visit its home page. iSpy is free and a open-source software. But charges apply for remote access and SMS or Email alerts.

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