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Is website up or down? Free online website monitors

It may not happen often, but there may be times, when you may find that a particular website is offline or down. It could be popular social networking site, or it could be your favorite news blog. If it happens rarely, that’s fine, but if your favorite blog or website is down frequently or for a long time, then you may want to follow a few suggestions and check out it is down just for you or for everyone. Sure you can ask your friends to check up, but there is a better way out, and that is to use some free online service that tells you this.

If you are indeed finding difficulty general in opening a website, here are a few general things you may want to do:

  1. Clear Junk and Internet Cache of all your web browsers.
  2. Shut off the Internet connection and On it again after a few seconds.
  3. Restart your Windows computer.
  4. Try again with different browsers
  5. If need be, temporarily disable your security software and see if it helps.
  6. Check if access to the particular website has been blocked by your Administrator.
  7. It may happen that the particular website has banned your IP address or in general banned a range of IP addresses to block a country or a region. Use a free online proxy service to check this and unblock and access Blocked or Restricted Websites.

Is website up or down?

Check with these website monitors if your blog or website is online, up or down right now for anyone or everyone, across the globe in various countries.

1] is a popular website among bloggers and webmasters. You can enter your URL and carry ut the test. Once done, you can save the URL for your website and bookmark it. Now every time you want to check, you need to simply click on the bookmarked link, and your website will be checked.

2] is another site that monitors the status of your favorite websites and checks whether they are down or not.

3] also tells you if a website is online or offline and if the ISP or Web hosting service is working or not.

4] is another similar tool that tells you if it is only you who has been blocked or if your Internet is just down. It also lets you check if a site is blocked by a firewall or proxy

5] APM Cloud Monitor will give you a little more information about any website – apart from just telling you if it is up or down.

It will tell you the time taken to resolve and connect, the download time and size, and the status OK if the site is up and running. It also offers a DNS Analysis and Traceroute and lets you Ping it.

6] This post will show you how to check operation status of Microsoft Services & find out if Microsoft Services like Azure, Office 365, Outlook, Xbox, Skype, etc., are down or not.

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