Is the Google Panda Update partial to blogs?

Prior to the Panda Update which Google introduced to optimize or rationalize its search results and to penalize content farms, The Windows Club was getting indexed almost instantaneously and was also ranking pretty well in the search results.

But the Panda update has changed all that!

The Google Panda Search Algorithm Update has broken many a bloggers hearts … and backs too! They found that within a week their carefully cultivated Google search traffic had taken a beating. Most tech bloggers I know of and who run quality tech blogs, are puzzled and intrigued as they have seen their Google search rankings plummet. The drops have been pretty steep too – ranging from 30-60%.

I too have seen drop of almost 30-40 % in my Google search engine traffic. Well, Google owns the internet … sort of … and they can actually make or break a website! So there is nothing much one can do really!

The declared aims of Panda Update are noble – to remove content farms and poor quality sites from the top of Google’s results pages.

Trust us. We’re putting the bad guys on one side, and the good guys on the other, said Google.

I completely respect the fact that it is their prerogative to judge where should rank in its search results and whether to choose to label TWC as a content farm or not.

But an incident today makes me question the effectiveness of the Panda Update.  The reason? Even after 2-3 hours a post of mine was now not indexed, but a blog which simply displays my feed title ranked in the search results.

I wanted to see if my post Xbox 360 gets several new features and games had got indexed. In the past, I used to see the post being indexed in almost a few minutes. But this time when I searched for “Xbox 360 gets several new features and games”, in quotes, after around 2 hours, I received this results from

> Ad


A blog (domain owned by Google) in Spanish language, which displayed only the feed title in his sidebar however had got indexed, and appeared as the only entry in the search result, but my post had not.

Google says original content would be preferred, but in this case, I am the original content generator. So where am I? Either Google, post the Panda Update, has decided to dump me … or the Panda update has messed up things somewhere!

The search landscape is changing, Bing is making strides in the US market. Understandably, Google too is making changes to give the users the best results, if it wants to continue to maintain its lead. But did something really go wrong somewhere in the Panda Update? No idea! Google will not disclose if it has. What bloggers like me can only hope is that they take the appropriate steps fast.

With this post, I only wish to highlight the plight of some bloggers like me, who know little of SEO, who have been left scratching their heads and asking “Whats going on? Whats going wrong!?” and try to take some corrective steps to try and regain lost web traffic.

UPDATE: Things have changed and traffic is much better for this site. 🙂

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