iPadian: An iPad Simulator for Windows PC


  1. Can I sync my apple ID with it so that I can download and install previously purchased apps from the app store? More specifically, I’m wanting to use my iThoughts files, which are hosted in the cloud, on my PC as well as on my ipad.

  2. You can’t do any of the things asked below. I don’t know how anyone can call this an “emulator” when it doesn’t run any parts of iOS, can’t run any iOS applications, and cannot emulate anything in iOS. All it is, is an iOS imitator because it just imitates the look and feel of iOS on the iPad and it’s not even doing a great job at it. At best, this is just a web browser with some code trying to imitate the look and feel of the iPad, but does nothing in the way of compatibility or running anything close to iOS code. To put it in another perspective, just because you install ObjectDock and hide the Windows taskbar doesn’t mean you are running or emulating MacOS X.

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