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iPad vs Windows 8 tablet – A comparison

iPad came at a time when it had no real competition. It had the first-mover advantage. backed with the brand equity which Apple commanded, it created a revolution of sorts. To flaunt and iPad was ‘in’. It did little more than allow you to surf, play games, check mail and impress friends with some cool apps. But times have changed and people today have options.

Windows 7 tablets did not really catch the fancy of consumers – but things are different with Windows 8 tablets. Windows 8 came up with some of the best features in its genre. With a few reservations, Windows 8 users enjoy using this new, fast, fluid and secure operating system. The Modern UI was a treat to use on Windows Phone 8 devices. On Surface, Windows 8 showed that tablets were no longer just toys – you could even do serious work on them!

iPad vs Windows 8 tablet

When it comes to choosing OS for smartphones and tablets; many users give preference to iOS. The popularity of iPhones and iPads is unbeatable today; but Windows 8 Phones and Tablets have gained enough popularity to compete with iOS.

There are several reasons due to which Windows 8 tablets have become so popular. Currently, the available Windows 8 tablets are ASUS VivoTab Smart, Dell XPS 10, HP Envy x2 and Microsoft’ very own, Surface RT. We have already seen a iPad vs Surface comparison. Now lets see some general features of the Windows 8 tablet that makes it overshadow the iPad 2.

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Features that make Windows 8 tablets the better choice

Apart from this, Windows 8 tablets proves to be superior to iPad in many other ways.

Microsoft has compared the iPad with Windows 8 tablets like ASUS VivoTab Smart, Dell XPS 10, HP ENVY x2 and Microsoft Surface RT. You can see the details including comparison of specs here.

There are certainly many factors bases on which Windows 8 tablets are successfully leading iPads. As a user, let us know how you find Windows 8 more beneficial than iPad, and which features of Windows 8 tablets you like the most!