On the Edge of Internet Explorer

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  1. Wait that’s it?

    Nothing about day to day usage, it’s memory usage, stability, addon support. Anything?


  2. I use third party software to manage my many passwords. Until they write software for Edge, I’m staying with IE. I would rather not recreate the wheel. I have not heard of ant add-on support for EDGE.

  3. Yes please post something about memory usage, addons etc. The article about these things will me much more interesting.

  4. That is the only reliable information I’ve got on Edge. Complete information will be available and tests can be run only after it comes out of testing phase. Will provide you with the details then.

    Also, addons can be created only when the browser is stable. The current build is not yet complete and most options are greyed out. I guess it will be some time before developers start making addons for Edge.

  5. Same case here. I use Lastpass and it doesn’t support Edge as of now. Until that is resolved, IE would be my browser. I may use Edge for casual browsing to see the progress.

  6. Websites are already pretty bad at rendering and everything else using internet explorer, hence, most people use Chrome..

  7. I must say that MS names a new web browser with a similar name and logo as the old one to further confuse the world. I am in the insurance industry and use a computer to get business done. I must unfortunately use MS for some functions. I find the most critical things always get blocked because MS deems them to be harmful.

    The only harm is what MS does to me. It only slows me down. Prevents me from getting my work done. This is the absolute worst POS software. MS has been able to convince the world that this is the best it can do and makes anyone using this crap struggle. To struggle and fight your way everyday getting things done is the norm with MS. FU MS.

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