Internet Explorer market share drops below 50% !


  1. I have become very disappointed in IE. I’m starting to use Chrome more, however I wish it had more of IE features.

  2. I moved to Firefox years ago. IE just became too slow and too unreliable. Once I started using FF and then customized it with all the available add-ons, I never went back. I even loaded IE9 and it has nothing to offer me.

  3. i think ie9 is going to have more if an impact than ever it is faster than firefox and tells you what addons are breakking your start time

  4. IE’s time has come and gone.. It is a bloated dinosaur in these modern times…Went to Chrome, and have never looked back…

  5. Hi… I like to give a suggestion to MVP & Microsoft & IE 9 developers to quickly give patches for all problems reported and must enhance new features & more add-ons and support than in IE 9 beta. And they must put ads on TV channels to climb up market shares!

  6. They are not tracking IE9 usage yet. So, all those of us that have dropped IE8 for IE9 are not counted. The statistics are flawed…

  7. I hate IE… as a web designer I always have to work twice as much on any website coding (CSS) just to go around the non compliance problems (even their IE8 doesn’t support rounded corners, shadows, gradient CSS… all the other browsers DO.

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