Internet Explorer 9 vs Mozilla Firefox 4 : User review and comparision


  1. MS is billing IE as a “Modernized Browser” yet it does NOT support nay of the following:

    Application Cache (offline)
    Web Workers (threads in JavaScript)
    HTML5 Forms (validation mechanism, CSS3 selectors)
    JavaScript Strict Mode
    ForeignObject (embed external content in SVG)
    SMIL Animations (SVG animations)
    File API
    WebGL (3D)
    CSS3 Transitions (for animations)
    CSS3 Text Shadow
    CSS3 Gradients
    CSS3 Border Image
    CSS3 Flex box model
    ClassList APIs
    HTML5 History API
    Drag’n Drop from Desktop

    REAL modernized browsers like FireFox…support ALL of the above.

    So in reality…MS dropped the ball…AGAIN!.

  2. You’re forgetting that Firefox already had tab tearing (like Chrome and others) with I believe FF3.5. You’re also forgetting Tab Panorama. Google it—it is awesome and more applicable than pinned sites (only Twitter of the sites I know so far).

  3. Ironically, IE suffers from being a restively closed system. Ironic because Windows prevailed by being relatively open compared to Macs. Now, Microsoft faces the problem fighting FF (& Chrome) that others face in fighting Microsoft in OS: People are locked into FF (& to a lesser extent, Chrome) by the add-ons. I can’t use IE anymore b/c none of the add-ons I rely on daily are even available. Until IE can close the add-on gap it will continue to lose market share,

  4. Your first screenshot of IE9 shows the tabs below the menu and command bar. How do you do that?

    I could not find any option or tweak to bring the tabs below the menu and toolbars. Even your IE9 Tweaker Pro Utility doesn’t seem to have an option for that.
    The tabs beeing right under the adressbar, above everything else is the main problem I have with the new IE9 UI so I’d really appreciate any info on how to change that.

  5. “…neck to neck in the browser market”. Firefox 4 already triples IE9’s users.

    “Playing with Tabs”… Chrome

    “Benchmarks”: yes, in some cases IE9 beated Firefox4….. In some cases, it crashed the tab.

    “The new ‘Do-not-track’ feature”: where is it? I haven’t found (search for) it yet.

    I have to say that compared with other versions, IE9 is the best one. But still doesn’t even match Firefox nor Chrome’s potential. The thing I hate the most is that you can still install bars in IE9, thing that must be forbidden to improve security.

  6. @Locutus Well Its not a case of forgetting. The important features are being highlighted 🙂

  7. @TheBigOldDog Well IE9 has got an impressive and ever-expanding Add-ons market and is definitely catching on the gaps with more that 2.35 downloads within 24 hours of the final version release .

  8. @JIM BOYD . These are standards in flux, if IE implents those features in its unstable form it will lead to standardization(as IE is the most widely used) of unstable specs, making life hell for developers. if u want to see test implementations go to and check it out. Its not that IE is incapable , its that IE is responsible. 🙂

  9. @Frank
    Thanks but that only brings the tabs into a seperate row below the adress-bar. It would still be above the menu and toolbars.
    I want the tabs to be below everything else, righ above the content like in that first screenshot.
    Looking at it again I think it’s either an IE8 Screenshot or it uses some plug-in that alters the user inteface cause I found no way to make IE9 look like that. Either way, I’d like to know cause the default IE9 user interface is too unflexible and useless to me.

  10. @Shibin Kuriakose….typical MS BS response. I am a developer…and that entire statement is a load of BS.

    The ONLY reason IE is “most widely used” is because it is forced upon the unknowing by being bundled with Windows…that has been it secret to success for years. Fortunately, people are starting to get wise to this and IE is losing it’s market-share. Even Chrome is giving IE a run…that alone should tell you something.

    You can put a dress on a pig to make it look pretty…but it’s still just a pig. Now matter how pretty you make IE sound…it’s the same old POS browser.

  11. I have only used IE, heard that FF was the way to go! My daughter has been using it for years, and swears by it, dear OLD dad just likes to keep things simple. Looking to try to stream line my system and the way things work while there is still time to learn. lol.

    So what is the verdict? Change to FF4 and learn or is IE9 going to do something worth staying for!

  12. Hi red1java2,

    While I prefer IE9 over FF4, my frank advice to you would be to try both for a couple of days each, and see which suits you the best. 🙂

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