Internet Explorer 9 crosses 2 million downloads in 2 days

Microsoft launched the latest version of Internet Explorer,  that is 9 Beta on 15th September, and within a couple of days of its launch it’s already started  creating a lot of buzz around the web as well as getting into the numbers game.

Within first two days of Internet Explorer 9 beta release it crossed over 2 million downloads  mark,which is yet another high for such a product whose predecessor the Internet Explorer 8 received a similar response way back in 2oo8 with 1.3 million downloads in first few days of its availability.

Roger Capriotti said, “…as we talked about last week, the emphasis isn’t the browser; it’s the sites we all love to visit getting richer and better experiences enabled by IE9.  At our launch event last week, we unveiled 70 new partner experiences reaching over 800 million active internet users.  Looking at the click-throughs on Beauty of the Web, our top ten partner sites showcasing some of the new things you can do with IE9 are:  Facebook, Agent 008ball, BMW Vision EfficientDynamics, IMDb HD Trailer Gallery, CNN, One Day in Beijing, BeatKeep,, The Shodo, and LA Surprise Flower-o-Scope.”

So it’s definitely a good news for the developers team working on the Internet Explorer 9 who worked very hard to provide such a polished product first hand.

We can expect them to provide us an enhanced browser experience in the upcoming versions right till the final release of the Internet Explorer 9 and hopefully “Internet Explorer 9 update for Windows Phone 7”!

The success of Internet Explorer 9, quick on the heals of the Windows 7 success story, has reinforced Microsoft’s global reputation as one of the top software companies.

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