Internet Explorer blocks 99% malware attacks; 5X more than other browsers!


  1. Maybe so, but IE9 is 10 times more agravating aggravating to use than Firefox or Chrome. Every time I am forced to use IE on another person’s PC I get totally turned off by all the hoops I have to jump through to do simple surfing.
    I have added my own protection in the form of add-ons, A-V software, and a firewall. None of these get in the way of usage.

    Did you do your comparison with a PC outfitted with good A-V and firewall and with browser add-ons that offer personal protection? NO! So comparing just plain browsers is misleading and you should be ashamed for putting out your information this way just for sensation sake.

    IE SUCKS and always will.

  2. I have installed and use all browsers. This includes IE9, FF6, Chrome13, Opera11 on my Windows 7 x64 with NOD32, and I enjoy browsing on all. I used to use Maxthon as my default browser earlier, but now I actually enjoy using IE9 because of its speed in loading and rendering web pages.

    The ‘IE sux – XYZ browser rulz’ statement may be a bit worn-out these days. As I said IE9 does carry the IE6 baggage. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea that one should use the browser which you are comfortable with.

    This study is a fact (and not sensationalism) – it is carried out by NSS Labs. Feel free to reject its findings if you find it unpalatable. 🙂

  3. The Tracking Protection list is a joke as an option for ad blocking. I suggest you try it along side FF w/Adblock Plus on a ad heavy site…I promise you will change your opinion.

  4. Are you really posting this BS again? NSS Labs results are inherently unreliable because their testing methods are flawed AND they can be bought.

    Their testing methods were designed to favor IE and MS provides NSS several million for the funding of these so-called “test”…so, naturally, they are going to declare IE the most secure browser. It’s what they were paid to do!

    Hell, if MS wants to pay me a few hundred thousand…I’ll start singing their praises too!

  5. …or, the dumb users, with no understanding of the connection between internet navigation and malware, are using Internet Explorer, meaning that they have a higher rate of trying to access really obviously threatening websites.

  6. The time has come for all IE bashers to get their head out of the sand and acknowledge that IE now is a far superior browsers. I know it is hard to accept this – but the faster you guys acknowledge it, the better it is for you. For the record, I was a Firefox user, but after IE9, I switched to IE and there has been no looking back!

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