Internet Explorer 11 Features: A Complete Rundown

Alongside the release of Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview yesterday, the new of Internet Explorer – Internet Explorer 11 too was pushed for users’ testing. The new browser claims to be faster than its predecessor with better touch performance, faster page loads, and an integrated browsing experience across your Windows devices.

Internet Explorer 11

An extensive overview of the new-generation browser confirmed the support for up to 100 open tabs at a time without compromising the battery power or killing your browser performance. The company says it has implemented some “independent tab suspension” feature that claims to use memory and processor in equal measures.

Web users worrying about privacy while using Chrome, Firefox or other browsers need worry no more. Just don’t keep losing your privacy any further. Download Internet Explorer Beta today, it’s free! The Microsoft MSDN blog post gives a run-down to all the features.

IE 11 Features

Immersive Browsing

IE11 now delivers a fast, fluid experience with your sites displayed in the first place. Under situations where you’d want to have side-by-side web pages open in Windows 8 for reading, IE11 lets you have it. You can quickly swipe back and forth between pages.

Side by Side browsing:

Touch Responsiveness

Microsoft has enhanced the touch responsiveness for IE 11. The browser is capable of producing “stick to your finger” touch responsiveness by using the GPU to process gestures such as panning, zooming, and swiping.

Enabling the Next Generation of Sites and Apps

IE11 supports real world standards and compatibility, and new developer tools enable developers to build high-performance Web experiences on Windows devices.

Create live site tiles in the Windows 8.1 Start Screen

Live sites can be pinned as tiles to the Windows 8.1 start screen. The pinned sites can pull the data from your favorite websites at regular intervals of time and be alive with activity. Thereby, keeping you updated.

Hardware-accelerated 3D Web graphics

IE11 finally gets WebGL support. It is an open-graphics standard that is capable of rendering 3D graphics within web browsers. Internet Explorer, until now never had supported WebGL, apparently for security reasons. The company by changing the specifications in new standards has addressed the security issues. Thus, enabling WebGL functionality into the browser can now deliver immersive Web content.

Plugin-free HTML5 video

IE11 supports plugin-free HTML5 video with the latest standards for closed captioning, streaming that adapts to available network bandwidth, and rights management – so all your video content can be as good as the professionals

For complete list of IE 11 features, read the MSDN blog post.

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