Internet Explorer 10: What to expect ?

‘Fast and Effective’ are the two words which have caught every software firm’s imagination, when it comes to developing client products. The browser market is itself much ado with the above strategy after the Internet Explorer 10 platform preview was unveiled at MIX 2011 in Las Vegas.

After releasing Internet Explorer 6 in August 2001, it took five years for Microsoft to release IE7 in October of 2006. With Internet Explorer 10, it looks like Microsoft is shooting for an annual release of the next major release of Internet Explorer.

So is Internet Explorer 10 worth the hype?

Definitely! IE9 is Microsoft’s best browser till date with major inroads in HTML5, CSS3 and a lot more additional features like improved hardware acceleration, pinning of websites,  jumplists, download manager and lots more.

With IE10, Microsoft continues to improvise the browsing experience, truly standing by its ‘A Beautiful Web’ tagline.

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IE10 adds support for emerging standards like CSS3 Multi-column Layout, CSS3 Grid Layout and CSS3 Flexible Box Layout, CSS3 Gradients, and ES5 Strict Mode in action.

With IE10 being available only to Windows 7 users and shunting even Windows Vista users, it surely is to ruffle many feathers but the Microsoft’s IEBlog explains:

Building a new browser for the ten-year old version of Windows that came with IE6 didn’t make sense to us because of the limitations of its graphics and security architectures. Others have dropped support on Windows XP for functionality that we think is fundamental to performance. As Windows 7 usage exceeds Windows XP’s in more and more countries, the sense in building for the future of the Web rather than the past is clear.

IE10 shall sport gradient backgrounds, which means standard markup can be used to create backgrounds of gradiating color, hence easing the earlier effort of loading pre-designed images. The full hardware acceleration feature provided by IE10 caught the fancy of many a eyes when Microsoft demonstrated this with an HTML5 display of fishes swimming in a bowl.You can also test drive the new Internet Explorer 10 Platform via the Internet Explorer Platform Preview!

Compared with Google Chrome 10, IE10 was much faster and clear.

With Microsoft announcing that Internet Explorer 10 shall come bundled with its next Windows Operating system, Windows 8, the wait is on for the Windows 8 OS release in 2012.

Be Whats Next.

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