Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2 now available.

Microsoft has released it’s next Platform Preview for Internet Explorer 10 today.

While many of the comments have been mixed over why Microsoft is already coming up with IE10 after IE9 was just released this year and an expected Internet Explorer 10 Beta later this year, it still shows up as a good sign from the Internet Explorer team to try and deliver an updated browser to keep up with the expectations and demand. With so many other browsers updating – what seems like every other day – so much so that most users can’t keep up – a year isn’t that bad of an update schedule.

List of previous and new updates for Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview:

April 12, 2011: Created for Internet Explorer Platform Preview Build 10 for MIX, with information about:

  • CSS3 Flexbox
  • CSS3 Grid
  • CSS3 Multi-column
  • CSS3 Gradients (on background images)
  • ES5 strict mode
  • Compatibility View List
  • User-agent string
  • How to send feedback

June 29, 2011: Updated for IE10 Platform Preview 2, with information about:

  • Positioned Floats
  • CSS3 Gradients (on all image types)
  • CSS stylesheet limit lifted
  • CSSOM Floating Point Value support
  • Improved hit testing APIs
  • Media Query Listeners
  • HTML5: Support for async attribute on script elements
  • HTML5 Drag and Drop
  • HTML5 File API
  • HTML5 Sandbox
  • HTML5 Web Workers
  • Web Performance APIs:
    • requestAnimationFrame
    • Page Visibility API
    • setImmediate

Internet Explorer 10 will not be available to XP and Vista users as Microsoft is pushing forward its efforts to get more users to a new OS. Future Platform Preview will be made available every 8-12 weeks with a beta expected before the end of the year.

Download the latest Platform Preview 2 from the IE Test Drive Site (No longer available – updated Aug 31 2018).

Check out the Demos on IE Test Drive.

View the Internet Explorer Platform Preview Guide for Developers.

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