Internet Explorer fails to install on Windows 7


  1. Installed IE10 on two computers and no major glitches thus far as reported on Softpedia. However I have noticed a number of web pages failing to load with IE10. When attempting to load the same site(s) using Chrome or Firefox no such problem. What’s happening here? Interested to see what others readers have to say…

  2. I have no issue so far….can you mention the website that you are having problem with in IE10

  3. Hi Samit. The issue with IE10 not opening web pages occurs mostly when I’m searching with Google and attempting to open multiple tabs for different sites. It just doesn’t keep up with the other two browsers mentioned and forever gets into a spin attempting to open clicked on sites. I’ve also found that it is unable to open the Bing homepage with images. On doing an internet search I found a solution, but one would think that M/S would have got it right for their star browser! Thanks for your reply…

  4. In both IE9 and IE10 the address bar is so obscured that I can’t read anything in it or see what I’m typing in it. I have an ASUS G74SX Notebook with Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. Thank goodness I almost never need to use it. I prefer Firefox.

  5. I have the same problem, except that my Sony Vaio’s model # is VGN-NS235J, originally with 64-bit Vista. Now Running Windows 7 Pro 32-bit. It says installed, then in the Menu it says IE 10, but the screeen that pops up is saying Thanks for Upgrading!!
    Try IE 9 NOW!!
    After I deleted the download, restarted my computer, it was back to IE 9, all of 10’s Windows updates gone, like nothing EVER happened! Odd.
    And these things are supposed to be smarter than us?? Oy.
    It just makes me love Lunascape 6 THAT MUCH MORE!

  6. I was really p…o with this update this morning.Internet Explorer worked no more,most everything I clicked crawled on opening ect…I promptly removed everything that had to do with IE10.I’m back to normal with IE9

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