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If we are to believe a website titled Internet Live Stats, at least one website goes online every second. Internet Live Stats is a website that has many different counters, each one displaying different information for a number of curious questions.

internet live statistics

Internet Live Stats website

The Internet Live Stats website has real-time counters for

  1. Total number of internet users in the world
  2. Total number of websites on the Internet
  3. Total number of emails sent on any given day
  4. Total Google searches for any given second or any day
  5. Total Blog Posts updated any given day
  6. Total tweets sent on a given day or any given second of time
  7. Total number of videos viewed on a given day or any given second
  8. Total photos uploaded on Instagram on any given day or any given second
  9. Total number of Tumblr posts each day or for any given second
  10. Total Facebook active users
  11. Total number of active Google Plus users; Yap, I know the service has been discontinued, but the counter on Internet Live Stats website keeps increasing making me think what it is counting; I guess the counter is based on an older algorithm that adds up people signing up per day
  12. Total number of active Twitter users at any given point of time or day
  13. Total number of active Pinterest users on any given day or during any given second
  14. Total number of Skype calls made in a day or any given second
  15. Websites hacked since midnight – when the counter is reset
  16. It also shows how many computers are sold any given day
  17. Showing number of smartphones sold today or any other period
  18. Same with a number of tablets sold
  19. Total bulk of Internet traffic used in GB today
  20. Amount of energy spent on the Internet (wonder what the source is!)
  21. The total amount of CO2 emissions caused by the Internet

Well, that is a lot of information, and it will serve people researching the Internet, electronics, and greenhouse emissions, etc.

According to the Internet Live Statistics website, only 25 percent of the total number of websites on the internet are active. All others are simply parked domains. There is some other information available in the counters. For example, Internet Live Stats website says the first website went online in 1991. The number hit 1 billion in 2014.

It also shows the average totals of tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook posts posted every day. You can get this view by clicking on “1 SECOND” option that is highlighted when you hover your mouse cursor over any social networking site stat counters.

Some of the averages are –

  1. 8291 Tweets are sent in a second
  2. 884 photos are uploaded to Instagram in a second
  3. 1461 Tumblr posts in a second
  4. 3505 Skype calls in a second
  5. 65,197 GB of data passes the internet in a second

They also have counters that you can embed on your websites/blogs but for a fee. If interested, head here for Internet Live Stats

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