Instant Translate: Language Translator for Chrome, Firefox, Edge Browsers

While Google & Bing Translators are is the most popular translating services used worldwide, Instant Translate is a nice browser add-on to use. It is a simple translating tool for web browsers with a clear interface which lets you translate the words and phrases in over 100 languages.

Language Translator for Browsers

The key features of Instant Translate include – text-to-speech, offline translation history, transliteration and over 100 languages support.  Just type or speak any text and the tool can convert it into any of 100 supported languages. Furthermore, Instant Translate will also pronounce the word for you in several languages.

It is a cross-platform app and is available for Windows, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Android, Mac OS X, and for iOS devices – but only the browser extensions are free.

Download and install the extension to your web browser. The small icon lands on your extension bar in no time.

InstaTranslate Settings

Enable the double click translations, save the translation history and adjust the transliteration from General tab in the Settings menu of this tool. This tab also has the direct links to tool’s Facebook page, Twitter handle, email address and the official webpage.

Language Translator for Browsers

The Pop-Up tab in Settings lets you enable the Smart Translation which translates each word right after you type it. The other settings under this tab include AutoCorrection and Save Value.


Language & Shortcuts

The Language & Shortcuts tab lets you pair the language you want to translate the phrases or words into, for example here I’ve selected English-Albanian. Click on Source Language and Destination Language and select form the drop-down menu. Also, you can select if you want to view the results in the tooltip or in the Google Translate tab. To view the translation history, go to the extension icon and click on History. instatranslate

The default shortcut key for translation is Shift+T but you can create your own. Click on Shift+T and you can create a new shortcut according to your own preferences. Instant Translate

Select and Translate

Once you get the extension installed on  your browser, you just need to select the text you want to translate and the tool will do the rest. Just select the text and translation tooltip appears as a pop-up where you can see the translation in various languages selected in the settings.  The tooltip has a built-in dictionary which gives you the synonyms of the selected word. You can also get the text to speech translation here. Instant Translate

Select any word and click on Google Translation icon and the tool will open the translation in new Google Translate tab.

Shortcut to translate

You can translate or create the translation shortcut with any language you want. Set the shortcut language and you can translate any word or phrase in just a couple of clicks with Instant Translate. Just select the word or phrase and right click your mouse and you can translate the word or phrase. instant translate 2

Instant Translate download

Instant Translate is available for almost every platform and you can download the free browser add-ons here.

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  1. Diego F. ??

    Not is free 🙁

  2. The browser add-ons for Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc are free.

  3. Alexey Chernikov

    Versions for Android and iOS are also free! For macOS/Windows, there are trial versions to try out.

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