Installation screenshots and fast preview of Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has just released Beta version of its latest Web Browser Internet Explorer 9. I have downloaded and installed it on Windows 7 Ultimate as soon as it became available to download. I have taken some screenshots of installation process and noticed that the installation process is pretty fast, though it requires a system restart to complete the installation process.

The installation file of IE9 for Windows 7 (IE9-Windows7-x86-enu) is of 19 MB.

Here are some Screenshots of the Installation process:

Some new Notifications & UI changes:

1. After the installation, IE9 provides certain tips to speed up the browser performance:

2. New revamped ‘New Tab’ page:

3. Favorites column is shifted to right side of the browser window and if click on expand then it will be shifted towards left side.

4. There is an option called as ‘Move Stop & Refresh’ which can be used to change the position of Stop & Refresh button located in Address Bar of the browser.

The official name for the new IE9 address bar is One Box.

There are many more noticeable changes in Internet Explorer 9 such as there is no Footer bar or status bar by default, more space to view webpages instead of browser windows elements. Internet Explorer 9 looks very promising and it will gonna give solid challenge to all other web browsers.

Check out from Microsoft to know more about the IE9 capabilities.

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