Install and Use Windows 7 on iPad with OnLive Desktop

If you believe that the Apple’s iOS marches to the beats of its own drum; OnLive is all the evidence you need. OnLive Desktop, brings Windows along with all its power, utility and  the familiar Office apps to iPad, using an on-demand cloud service.

OnLive Desktop

OnLive Desktop is a cloud based app that is capable of turning your iPad into a cloud PC. It gives you the full functionality of Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Being a cloud-based service it doesn’t actually install Windows apps on your iPad but definitely lets you use its features.

OnLive Desktop, the first to deliver a no-compromise, media-rich Windows desktop experience to iPad requires a wireless network with a minimum 1MBPS download speed however and works best at 1.5 to 2.0 MBPS. Performance levels are affected by factors such as server proximity and Internet speed.

Install Windows on iPad using OnliveDesktop

  • To use the application one needs to have both, a OnLive account and the application
  • Create a FREE OnLive account or sign in with your existing OnLive Game Service email and password
  • If you don’t have it yet, get the free app from the iTunes App Store (4.8 MB download size)
  • Launch the OnLive Desktop iPad app, and sign in

Since available as a free option, Onlive Desktop allows users to try out the software first and if found useful, upgrade it to an affordable monthly subscription plan.

OnLive Desktop Service Plans

OnLive Desktop Standard (FREE)

  1. Pre-loaded with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  2. 2 GB of secure cloud storage

OnLive Desktop Pro (starting at $9.99/month)

  1. Priority access to your multi-touch OnLive Desktop, preloaded with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  2. 50 GB of secure cloud storage, appearing as your Documents folder on your OnLive Desktop
  3. Cloud-accelerated Web browsing
  4. Ability to add additional PC applications

OnLive Enterprise

  1. IT-managed OnLive Desktops for businesses and organizations
  2. Full media (video, games, music) capability for hospitality, health-care, education, etc.
  3. Available for custom integration by independent software vendors, consultants

OnLive collaborative services

  1. Live desktop spectating and desktop sharing with voice chat
  2. Available for OnLive Desktop Pro and OnLive Enterprise

As mentioned above, in the free version a user gets 2GB of cloud storage which the service uses to save the completed work. Besides, there are also few other, minor Windows programs included, like Notepad, Calculator and Paint.

With OnLive Desktop you get the power to open, create or review documents by simply using a scroll, drag-n-drop and pinch and zoom feature. You can copy and paste between them just like on a Windows Desktop. Animations and video play smoothly.

Though it is an amazing app, OnLive Desktop does have few shortcomings. For instance, there’s no Web browser or email program like Outlook included – and you can’t install additional software. In addition, OnLive Desktop can’t use the iPad’s built-in virtual keyboard and does not support common file-transfer services like Dropbox or SugarSync.

OnLive Desktop home page | OnLive Desktop on iTunes | OnLive Desktop Plus.

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