INSTANCE aka Itsdagram: Free Instagram app for Windows Phone

Itsdagram appears to have undergone a name change. It is now called Instance!   Although there are many more Windows Phone apps like Instagraph, Metrograph but Itsdagram or now Instance, is the only fully featured Instagram client on the market and is the #1 selling application currently.

Instagram app for Windows Phone

Instance for Windows Phone has always been miserable, but thankfully an independent developer Daniel Gary has come up with a full featured Instagram for Windows Phone app – Instance. This app would probably serve better than an official Instagram app which unfortunately lacks a few key features. Although, there are many free Instagram alternatives  available for Windows Phone.

It is not an official app, but it does it all including upload photos, share photos, apply filter effects to your photos, see other popular photos, view your dashboard, get notifications, comment and like the photos. In short, you can do everything with Instance, which you can do using Instagram. It is very simple, and productive app and the best part is that it doesn’t include delays when uploading photos.

Features of Instance

  • Easy to use– This is what made Instagram so popular and with a very simple user-interface Instance is also very easy to use. You can just click a picture, add some effects and share it with all your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can do all directly without even switching to the gallery.
  • Presentation- This about Windows Phone app supports Grid view as well as Timeline presentation. You just need to sign in, and you can browse your timeline, like and comment on the pictures posted by other users. Furthermore, you can also pin your favorite hashtags with this app. The live tile presentation of Instance is very basic presently, but is expected to be better in the future.
  • Free/Paid– The app is promoted as Instance Free, but it actually costs around $1.49 (80 INR). However, you can go for the free trial offer with a limit of 1 image upload. You can use all other features except uploading in the free trial offer of Instance.
  • Notification– Instance supports notification. You will get a notification on the upper-right corner of your screen when someone follows you or comments any of your photos.

The bottom line is that Instance pretty much carries all of Instagram’s features. Nothing seems to be added extra or missing.

Its developer says, “The only fully featured Instagram client on the market.  Register, upload, comment, like, follow, find your Facebook friends; All from Instance earlier called as Idstagram!

How to use Instance

  • Double tap to like
  • Tap and hold to swap between Timeline view and Grid view.
  • See photos you’ve liked and have been tagged in on your profile page
  • Change your profile picture and password there too!
  • Pin your favorite hashtags and users to your homescreen to keep track of them.
  • Free Trial will allow users that already have an account to upload 1 image to test.  All other features are completely enabled.  Commenting, Liking, Following, etc…
  • Registering a new account with Instagram requires the full version of Instance.        

You can download the free version of Instance here.

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