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How to insert Excel Spreadsheet in Word Document

Sometimes we need to insert Excel Spreadsheet in Word Document. It can be done is such a way that, whenever you update the Excel Spreadsheet, it automatically needs to be updated in the Word Document, so that we can avoid updating the same in Word. There are a couple of ways of doing it – called Linking to an object and Creating a new Excel inside Word. Normally, most of us will not follow these two methods, but will go for copy paste method. They simply copy the content from the Excel Spreadsheet and will paste it in the Word. This will not update the Word when you update the Excel Sheet.

Insert Excel Spreadsheet in Word Document

In this article, I will let you know the two best ways to insert Excel Spreadsheet into Word. Before that, let me tell you how to update the Excel sheet when you already have the Word with the pasted Excel sheet in it.

Method 1: Copy and Paste Excel Sheet into Word

Just copy the content from the Excel Sheet and paste it in the Word Document. Choose the option Keep Source Formatting and Link to Excel or Match Destination Table Style and Link to Excel option from the Pasting Options.

Now, it is just the static Excel data inserted in the Word. If you update the Excel sheet, it will not reflect the changes in the Word. If you update the Excel sheet and open the Word document, it will ask you whether to update the document or not. If you click “Yes” Word gets updated with the latest data.

Even if you update the Word and close, when you reopen it, you will face the same message and the values will be overridden with the previous values.

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Tip: If you want to update the respective Excel Sheet from this method, simply right-click on the Excel data in Word and click Linked Worksheet Object and click Edit Link. This will open the source Excel Sheet and make changes in them.

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This tip comes handy when you have the Word document with you and want to update the original Excel sheet, but you do not know it’s exact location.

Method 2: By Inserting an Object

The second method is to link an Excel sheet into Word Document through Insert tab.

STEP 1: In Word, click on Insert tab and click on Object in Text section.

STEP 2: The object dialog box comes up. Click on Create from File tab.

STEP 3: Browse to the Excel Sheet and you will be shown two options on the right side. If you want to link the Excel sheet, then check the option Link to file, else do not check anything and click Ok.

You could see that all the contents of Excel are inserted into Word rather that the portion of Excel sheet.

This method will link the Excel sheet in the Word Document. If you double-click on the Excel data in Word, then it would open the original Excel Sheet, and you can make changes. Here, when Excel sheet is open and when you update the Excel, you could see that the changes are being reflected in the Word as well.

Method 3: Using Insert Table

This method is to insert whole editable Excel sheet into Word. In Word, click on Insert tab and click on Table. Click on the option Excel Spreadsheet.

You could see that the entire Excel sheet with the menu is inserted into Word. Now, we can create formulas; create filters and more as we normally do in Excel sheet.

This method would be helpful if you want to work with Excel in Word as editing Word tables is not so easy like Excel.

These are the different ways to insert Excel Spreadsheet in Word document with or without linking them.

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