Inky: A cloud-enabled desktop email client for Windows 10/8/7

Inky is a free all-in-one cloud-enabled email client which allows you to bring all your different email accounts at one single place. With Inky you can access your inbox and compose emails very easily. Inky can also be marked as a Microsoft Outlook Alternative that is very easy to operate but has less features than Microsoft Outlook.

Inky - Cloud-enabled desktop email client

Inky – Cloud-enabled desktop email client

To start with, you need to create an Inky Account before you can start using Inky. Once you’ve created an Inky account, you can add your different email accounts by clicking on “Add an Account” button located in the left options menu. Now on this screen you simply need to enter your email address and password, that’s all. Inky will automatically detect the server incoming and outgoing settings and it also prepare an Inbox for that Email address automatically. The inbox would be accessible from the left options menu.

Inky comes with preloaded Smart Views options that lets you focus on one type of mail at a time. You can activate smart views for all kinds of emails such as Personal, Social, Daily Deals, Subscriptions and etc.

The email composer comes with all the important features such as Spell Check, Fonts, Alignment Controls, Coloring options and etc. You add attachments to the email by just dragging and dropping the files to Inky composer.

Inky has a long list of features, here is a brief feature list of the software:

  • Smart Views
  • Can add almost any type of email
  • Great Filtering Options
  • Awesome Syncing
  • Trusted Servers for best security
  • Users can create an Address Book
  • Great Email Composer
  • Very Simple Settings
  • Smart Setting
  • Completely customizable
  • Many more…

Inky has a nice and user friendly interface. Everything is designed in blue and aligned properly. There’s a menu at the left which makes everything easily accessible.

Inky is an email client you may want to check out. that everyone must try. It has got awesome features and an awesome user interface. You can use Inky anywhere, at your office, at your home and etc. Inky is free, full of features and has got the best security.

Visit to download Inky. [It seems to be no longer available]

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  1. mmg1818

    Inky have more option and is good, but I delete one email and where is Trash in Inky ?

    I use this soft only 5 minute, sorry.

    next time when Inky have new version maybe I use Inky.

  2. John Young

    trash top left, I believe, “unified inbox”.

    these guys wrote the code for ITA Software which GOOG bought in 2011; trust me they are talented… watch this evolve

  3. radrick

    Tried, but was disappointed. had difficulty setting up my email accounts, GMail & Yahoo and just logging in to Inky was frustrating – took a long time and failed a number of times. The furthest I got was Inky telling me I had 4 messages, but it never showed me an Inbox. I’ll give them a year and see if has matured

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