Insights for Office lets you search right from the document

Normally, when we want to search for anything while preparing a document, we use the browser to conduct the search. To minimize this effort, Microsoft Office Online has a new feature Insights for Office, which allows you to search right from your document. Just, select or place your cursor on a piece of text that you want to search and right-click on it. Then, select the “Insights” option. The right side pane gets opened and the search result for the selected text will be displayed.

Insights for Office

How is Insights for Office different from normal search

In general, when you search using any search engine, it gives all matching results, where some of the results may not be related to what you are searching for.

For example, if you are writing a document on Karl Benz who is the famous German Automobile Engineer and you get stuck at his Date of Birth, then if you search for Benz normally, you will get results of both Benz vehicle and the person Benz.

Insights for Office Online

Insights for Office will understand the context of your writing and will show the accurate results. It does a great job here, by showing the results related to only Benz Automobile Engineer. You will be shown an image and some more information about that person.

Microsoft Office Online does this using Bing Search and Wikipedia as the source. Images shown are the image search results of Bing Search.

Here is another good example to understand Insights for Office clearly. You are preparing a document on Amazon (the largest river of South America). You started typing “Amazon is the largest” and used insights option as specified above. Then, you would see the result showing the leading online shopping website, Amazon and not Amazon River. This is because, when you carry out a search on “Amazon”, then the top results will be related to online shopping website and not on Amazon River.

Insights for office online_amazon online shopping

So, in order to get information on Amazon River, you need to provide much more information and use insights option now as shown in the image below. Write something about Amazon river in the document first. Now, you will get results related to Amazon River and not regarding online shopping website. By providing extra information, Insights for Office will understand that you are looking for information related to Amazon River.

Insights for office online_amazon river

If you want to go deeper in to the information, you can click on “More quick insights”. It shows more information related to your search.

Insights for office online_more insights

Insights for Office really help you to search right from your document, to get the information and complete your work easily and quickly. It is available only for Microsoft Office online and not for Microsoft Word 2013 or anything else.

I tried this and it looks pretty awesome. What do you say? Have you tried this? Please, do share your feedback with us through comments.


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  1. Rebecca Beeson

    Thank you Sridhar for this great information. I did also find that in Office 2013, you can choose Search with Bing when you highlight text. This feature is also quite accurate. I will be using this in the future.

  2. Sridhar Belide

    Thanks and you are welcome
    Rebecca Beeson

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