Infographic: Which is the most secure Social Networking Site?


  1. What is the point in evaluating and ranking site security according security setting? You can set Facebook to the detail but it does not change the fact the Facebook is the most dangerous site and no wander if you know something about Facebook founder. I found this article manipulative and misleading. I would advice Microsoft to stay away from Facebook as anybody who has anything to do with Facebook is not usually perceived in a good way. People could start having doubt about either Microsoft credibility or mental health or its people…

  2. I agree with your explanation, however, I believe everyone should thoroughly read Facebooks terms of service, under the section explaining what Facebook does with your data. If this is read in full detail, any user can see that Facebook is the least secure social networking site in existence. They sell your data to the highest bidding “customer”. And Facebook users agree to this when they sign up.

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