Infographic: Internet Explorer market share; from global domination to stagnation

Netscape browser once ruled the Internet controlling over 86% of the browser market. However once Microsoft decided to integrate Internet Explorer with its Windows operating system, not surprisingly, they took over the browser market and dominated it for years.

Until Firefox happened…

Ever since Firefox was launched in 2004, it quickly started taking up the browser space and halted IE’s gallop.

Until Chrome happened…

Chrome’s launch in 2008 halted the┬átrot of Firefox. Internet Explorer and Firefox’s share have since then continued to remain more-or-less the same.

Opera and Safari? See it for yourself! Click on the image to see the full Infographic.

Click to see full Infographic

Internet Explorer 9 is in my opinion truly fast and secure, but suffers from an image problem. It is no longer ‘in’ to use it, especially among the younger netizens. All the problems being attributed to it belong to the IE6 era and are no longer applicable to IE9. Yet IE9 carries the baggage.

While Opera users are very protective and vociferous about defending it and its features, can anyone offer any reason, why its market share has languished; even after the fact that Browser Screens were introduced? Anyone!?

Who will rule in future? Only time will tell. What do you think!?

Anyway its a great Infographic from and I hope you enjoy it!

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