Infographic on the Beastly Threats of IT Security

Security threats to your data are a frightening reality and are increasing by the day. Lenovo recently came out with a new report that contains some vital statistics about threats to IT security.


Beastly Threats of IT Security Infographic

Thier Infographic states that around 39% of your devices are stolen from work area while 34% from your personal vehicles. Also, the number of devices lost is actually 100 times a number of devices stolen. The theft of devices isn’t even a big problem compared to the magnitude of people losing their devices themselves.

Moving on to how the theft of a device impacts the security of data. Over 77% device users claimed that the theft of their devices has lead to far-reaching consequences. While almost 15% mention that the lost data is never recovered.

Trojans are the most common form of malware that might strike your devices. Lenovo claims that more than 50% of all malware comes from Trojans as they manage to hide from your sight while operating the device. In 2015, more than 656 unique trojan varieties targeted over 549 institutions across 49 countries in the world.

Another malware that affects a lot of devices is Ransomware. And this is a paralyzing malware that blocks your files until you pay a presupposed amount to the hackers.

Ransomware is on the rise and ransoms are demanded anywhere from $200 to over $10,000 per user. In the last decade or so, nearly 7,700 complaints regarding Ransomware have been received, and more than $57.6 million has been paid in damages. Whether it be the offline or the online world, ransoms are on the rise and how. Compared to 1.5 million cases in Quarter 3 2013, Quarter 2 of 2015 saw over 4 million cases of ransomware.

A nightmare for IT security analysts in big firms is Phishing. Phishing is a sort of malware that attacks your traffic to make your servers slow for genuine users to respond to. Sometimes, what seems like a perfectly safe and genuine e-mail might just be the next phishing malware. Phishing threats are the shape-shifting monsters that dominate the IT security threats across the world.

Yet another malware that has seen a rise in the past few years is Spyware. Since Wikileaks and Snowden came into the picture, everyone has been wary of threats that might be lurking through your browser history or even your laptop’s webcam. Lenovo estimates that the global economy suffers a loss of over $113 Billion due to spyware related issues. This is a substantial number and makes spyware the most impactful malware out there.

There are about 60 victims of spyware every minute, or around one victim every second. This is an increasingly potent malware, and Q1 2015 saw Kaspersky catching over 35% more spyware as compared to last year.

And finally, DDoS! DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service is a rather old technique of click-bombing certain web pages to block user access due to huge server load. Growing in size and strength, these are big threats to all kinds of organizations. In 2014 and 2015 alone, around 50% of the corporations in the US were victims of DDoS attacks. These attacks caused the US companies $100,000 business loss every hour.

Another dangerous fact highlighted, is that 56% of the respondents claimed that they got attacks on multiple vectors – infrastructure, services, and applications – simultaneously.

Download the Infographic from here and get the full details on the top threats to IT security.

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