Improve Slow Data Transfer Speed in Windows 7


  1. Will this fix help when transferring data from a desktop or laptop to an external hard drive or flash drive (and visa versa)?

  2. I too am curious as to how one is supposed to determine if this “fix” would be applicable for their system, no criteria or comparisons are given as an example of what might be considered slow and in need of such a solution.

  3. Exactly the problem, their is information provided but only in partial form, we are left to either guess or research and figure out if it is needed, I would assume this would be included with an article that readers that frequent this site might benefit but without properly informing the reader the article seem pointless. Although it may not be extremely helpful some further information someone might find useful in regards to this can be found on the following sites.
    And one more “scaling” related link:

    Perhaps the info here as well as within these links will help at least a little for those interested.

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