Increase page views & decrease bounce rate with upPrev

Today while surfing on the internet, I came across a really cool WordPress plugin which allows your reader to select the next available post in the single post’s category. The category is also clickable to access an archive page.

Increase page views & decrease bounce rate

After Random Post and Advanced Random Post plugins that I ‘ve discussed earlier at Promote your older blog posts: Increase blog traffic & reduce bounce rate this plugin really impressed me. I recommend every one to use this plugin as it will surely increase the per page view and definitely the average time on your site.

The best thing of this plugin is you can completely customize the look and working of the animation box and blend it with your blog’s look.

This plugin emulates the “Next Post” buttons you see once you scroll to the bottom of websites like the New York Times. What this plugin does exactly can be well understood by seeing the video.

Download: WordPress.

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