InboxEx Extension for Microsoft Outlook lets you perform advanced tasks

InboxEx is one of the powerful new extension for both Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, particularly made for people who perform various basic as well as advanced Outlook tasks including search mails, automatic email archiving, schedule  meetings, synchronize events with Google Calendar, etc.

InboxEx Extension for Microsoft Outlook

You will enjoy the advantage of lightning fast email search along with search that is particularly inside your contacts, events, messages at one single roof. The best part of this Extension is that the search is defined by number of parameters or categories like search by topic, content, sender, recipient, type, dates and attachments as well.


  • Lightning fast email search
  • Calendar availability sharing via Google
  • Automatic email archive
  • Schedule meetings and calls with ease
  • And more!


The design interface is clearly Intuitive and user-friendly. It helps users to manage their Office and personal emails and get in touch with them by responding to them in timely manner. Since Outlook 2010 search requires all the available mail box to be indexed and then initialized before using the search,  it might lead to little trouble in finding out all important message first and then filtering them using the different grouping or category heads. This is where InboxEx plays a very important and friendly role in efficient search allowing you to search and filter with multiple options.

With the help of InboxEx, you will also enable to Schedule meetings along with Call Conferencing in a matter of minutes without being having to import lot of stuffs including meeting schedule or email conversation templates.

This new Extension also adds an extra layer of archives which is a combination of events, meetings and mails allowing you to quickly search and send all your old as well as new messages without being having worried to import old data. It also allows you to share Scheduled events present on your mailing list to enable them to know your Schedules and campaigns along with synchronizing Outlook calendar through Google Calendar.

InboxEx is a handy extension for people who works with managing and coordinating with multiple teams for a group work. It is particularly made for people who are very likely and preferred to use the sharing up of meetings and events with a bunch of people.

Download : InboxEx.

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