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Use GBoost to boost Gaming performance in Windows

GBoost is a free Windows game booster software that allows you to temporarily strip down your un-required services & processes, and closes running apps and open windows and puts your PC in a bare essentials state required for gaming. All in a click!

GBoost for Windows PC

This app claims to improve the overall speed of your game including frame rate drops and lag spikes as well as alt tabbing out of games faster. You generally land up with a more responsive gaming experience.

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Simply ‘Press to Boost’ and changes will be made. These changes made are temporary and revert back once you reboot your Windows computer. Alternatively, if you click the ‘Restore’ button, all services, processes, apps are restored back, including your open browser windows, if any!

It is thus completely safe with no permanent changes made to your Windows PC.


GBoost download

You can download GBoost from its download page.

Here are some tips to improve gaming performance on Windows PC.