Improve finger dexterity for faster web browsing with Chromercise

Here is a nice amusing video from the folks at Google. If your fingers and tendons ache after intensive computer work and browsing,  try to Chromercise!

Do your wrists and tendons ache at the end of a long workday? Do you find yourself cracking your knuckles to “limber up” in preparation for drafting a particularly lengthy document or surfing through an exceptionally complex online shopping transaction? Do you ever stare at your fingers and wonder whether your own physical limitations are preventing you from experiencing the full glories of what the web has to offer?

You’re right. You have a problem. And Chromercise is the solution.

A few words of caution: be sure to stretch before and after “Chromercising,” and it is recommended that you attempt the complex moves at the end of the workout video only after mastering the core movements from the first half. You are also strongly urge you to utilize finger sweatbands for safety and comfort throughout your workout.

And above all else, remember that the success of any fitness program derives from the commitment level of the participant. Training and strengthening your fingers for fast web browsing is a lifestyle change; you can’t expect a complete transformation overnight.

A great way to ensure you stick with the workout is to incorporate Chromercise into your daily routine by combining it with other common activities.

Enjoy the video and the music!

Via Google India Blogs.

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