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How to Import Contacts to from Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, etc

All of you may agree with me about a fact that no email service is of use unless it has contacts in the contact list. While you may have created your account with Microsoft’s latest webmail serviced, chances are many of your friends might have not. So what about them, will you ask everyone personally to join the service, thereby promoting it or simply import desired contacts?

Well, I believe the second option suits you much better! With a little bit of effort, one can easily move or add contacts to as the service devotes some integrated features to import contacts from services like Google and social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

In this post, we will let you know the ways for importing contacts to There are 2 ways by which you can import contacts to Outlook:

  1. Direct way – For social networking sites and Google services
  2. File Import method – Useful for importing contacts from non-linked services like Yahoo!mail

We will discuss both!

Import contacts to


Importing contacts to using Import from File option

If you would like to get the contacts from other services that are not linked to Outlook such as Yahoo! Mail, you are allowed to use ‘Import from file option’. It is the last option in ‘Add people to your contact list’ window.

A step by step guide will make it easier for you to import contacts via this method. Checkout the screen-shot below!

Thus, you can import contacts from different services to very easily!

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