I’m A PC and I use Fix It and I’m 4 and 3/4.

Here is a video of a small girl trying to fix her computer – her IE is missing from her desktop. She Bings for a solution and comes across Fix It!


Microsoft’s Fix It initiative has really simplified the job of fixing computers for all!

Why are the best videos the non-professional ones, btw? Thanks Paul Schottland, for the heads up!

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  1. WizardCM

    How does that work, she can’t Bing without accessing IE, meaning she found IE without it being on her desktop? 😮

  2. I am guessing she chose to access it through the Start Menu 😉

  3. WizardCM

    How about her calling it “IE.” Only Tech-savvy people call it IE, everyone else calls it Internet Explorer. 😛

  4. WizardCM

    Oh and also, she’s 4.75 years old, can she read? AND, it would’ve been hard for her to find IE in the XP Start Menu anyway… 😛

  5. Guel.B

    How to get IE icon on Windows7 desktop? Not shortcut but real icon?

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