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IE team’s Rethink initiatives: NORAD, CyArk, Hover, Everest, etc.

Microsoft IE team’s Rethink initiative offers, CyArk, Hover, NORAD and Everest Rivers of Ice, to showcase the possibilities and  push the limits of a modern browser. The Rethink Campaign is all about creating entirely new experiences on the web that are fast, beautiful and perfect for touch, from gaming to entertainment! Go check them out on your Internet Explorer!


Cyark ensures that heritage sites are available to future generations, while making them uniquely accessible today using technologies to create a free, 3D online library of the world’s cultural heritage sites before they are lost to natural disasters, destroyed by human aggression or ravaged by the passage of time.


Internet Explorer teamed up with Hover to show what is possible on a modern browser like Internet Explorer. Do check out the interesting game.


GlacierWorks seeks to document, educate and raise awareness about the changes occurring in the glaciers of Himalaya through exploration. Check out Rivers of Ice.

NORAD Santa Track

Christmas is just around the corner and Microsoft is ready with its annual Santa Tracking Website but with some tweaks, improvements, and new features this time. The NORAD Santa Tracking website this year will include some interesting Christmas games, optimized mobile experience and a completely new interface. The NORAD Tracks Santa website will take you to a magical journey around the world with an entirely new experience.

New Design and features: Internet Explorer is bringing a newly designed website this year featuring beautiful locations in classic Claymation style with colorful and attractive imageries. Users can now track Santa on an interactive 3D globe with the parallax-style navigation and Bing Maps overlay. The refurbished site includes Christmas Games, Christmas Music, Gift Shop, Library, and Movies.

Touch Friendly: The Santa Tracking website this year will be touch friendly and very well optimized for the mobile devices so that the users can track the big man whether they are using a tablet or a mobile phone. Furthermore, the site is built using WebGL and thus, it will support any modern browser, such Internet Explorer 11.

Cortana Support: For the first time Windows Phone users can track Santa by asking Cortana “Where is Santa now?” NORAD’s advanced system sends the tracking information directly to Cortana so that the users can get accurate location of the big man Santa Claus.

There is even more fun this year; you can now get featured on the NORAD Tracks Santa website by sending your video messages to Skype. Record the video messages of your holiday celebrations, memories, and wishes and send them to Skype, you may be the lucky winner to get featured on the website or may get some exciting prizes too. Furthermore, Microsoft offers downloadable fun content and coloring pages for kids on NORAD Tracks Santa OneDrive page.

Santa Claus’s journey will start on 24th December 2014. Stay tuned and be ready for the magical journey with NORAD Santa Tracker. You can also download the app for your Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices.

You can also download the NORAD Track Santa App for Windows 8 and enjoy the magical ride on your Windows 8 systems.