idoo Free File Encryption software for Windows 7 + 25 license Giveaway of Pro version

We have already covered 1 Second Folder Encryption Free software which lets you quickly encrypt and protect your folders in Windows 7. If you are looking for a feature-rich freeware that will let you encrypt, protect, monitor or hide your files, you should check out idoo File Encryption software.

idoo File Encryption Free, is a easy-to use, yet powerful encryption software, that lets you encrypt protect your  Office documents and other files. It lets you lock, hide and protect your sensitive files. The software is ofcourse passport protected, so that no one will be able to make any unauthorized changes.

There is also a Pro version available which lets you do more.  The Pro version supports encryption of Files as well as Folders and Drives. To encrypt or decrypt files, simply right-click the target and click on the appropriate option.


  1. Hide your private files, folders, drives, to make them completely invisible.
  2. The locked files, folders ,drives cannot be opened, read, modified, moved, deleted, copied or renamed by anyone.
  3. Password-protect Files and folders. The files and sub-folders in a locked folder are also protected automatically.
  4. It can encrypt files and folders of any type.
  5. Packs and encrypts a folder into a portable executable file, with AES encryption.
  6. No one can recover deleted data from your disk if you secure-delete it.
  7. Since the software is password-protected, others will not be able to uninstall it or make any unauthorized changes.
  8. This encryption software has a very user-friendly UI.

Its developers have been kind enough to offer 25 licenses of idoo File Encryption Pro, worth $ 35 each, FREE to the readers to The Windows Club. To win a license, simply share the post on your favorite social site like Facebook, Twitter, etc and post its status URL here. You may use this format:

25 license Giveaway of idoo File Encryption Pro software for Windows 7 @TheWindowsClub

The first 20 who do so, will definitely get a license, with the balance 5 being distributed randomly among the rest of the interested people.

Do make sure that you post the status URL and also make sure that I have access to your email ID. If you are logged in using your Social credentials, I may not be able to access your email ID.

Meanwhile you can visit its home page and download its free version, so that you get an idea of how good this encryption software is. If you win a license, great, you can always upgrade; if not – the free version is great too!

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  1. k19s

    Great giveaway, count me in. My tweet is:!/k1922h/status/151699876080660480


  2. amazingAG

    Thanks for this great giveaway. I will definitely have a good use of it.!/amazing_AG/status/151700320349716480


  3. Anonymous

    where do i find th status link

  4. Matrix

    I am a TWCforum member MATRIX, so please give me one.

  5. Gaurav Kulkarni

    I tweeted it and also shared on Facebook:

    here is the link!/GauravKul21/status/151719247175884800

  6. Dacko

    Idoo is a very good applications. Thanks for the giveaway.!/Dacko3/status/151723549697114113

  7. Paf Borg

    Excellent!. Thanks a lot. I would appreciate if you could count me in. All the best.!/pafborg/status/151724672315162625

  8. TRY

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway.

    Tweeted –!/give4away/status/151725237782851584

    Best Regards

  9. Bionic

    Thanks for the giveaway TWC, Idoo.. I’m interested as well

  10. Paulus Bekkers

    Great from the developper and the windows club that there giving us a change tow work with this great program.
    I put the link on main facebook account.!/profile.php?id=100002927792676

  11. Bionic

    Correcting tweet from your tweetbutton.!/Bionic_/status/151728261750194176

  12. Daniel

    Awesome giveaway! I am in!! 😀

    Here my share on Twitter 🙂!/coolng1990/status/151737027514212353

  13. Anonymous

    Thanks for the giveaway. One thing you didn’t mention is this app uses a hardware footprint for activation.

    Here’s my tweet:!/jimi2061/status/151782878773125120

  14. Shared on twitter!/TheBigOldDog thanks. Would love to hearhave this. I it would make me feel a lot of better about saving some sensitive files in the Cloud

  15. Ian C

    25 license Giveaway of idoo File Encryption Pro software for Windows 7

  16. Bilalimran134

    this is very informative and great post … thnaks

  17. TWC,
    Thanks for the giveaway. The Holidays have made me slow down. I almost missed my chance. Hope I still have a chance.!/clarkeac/status/151977157445427200

  18. Navjot

    Awesome Giveaway count me in . please ~~ !!

  19. Has anyone received their licence yet?

  20. Dimek

    please licence

  21. Congrats! These are the 25 winners whose email IDs I was able to access.

    Gaurav Kulkarni
    Paf Borg
    Paulus Bekkers
    Ian C
    Owen Jr

    Please check your inbox/junk folder tomorrow.

  22. Ian


    I was really happy to see that I had won a licenses and have been watching my emails for it to appear.

    As of yet I have not received it and wondered it there is a delay in the sending of them, due to someone working to hard to find more giveaways.


    Ian C

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    software and other info is very good and keep posting

  24. It may take a couple of days more for me to post the licenses … 🙂

  25. Dacko

    Thank You for the license.

  26. Owen

    Thanks received license email.

  27. Ian c

    Thank you! I received my license today.

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